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BKHS CBA Present

BKHS CBA Presentations

adding sound or special effects to the way text and objects move on and off a slide during a slide show animation
a predesigned file you can use to create a new presentation template
a print option that allows you to choose the number of slides displayed per page and places a thumbnail, or small picture, of each slide on the page handouts
the default view in a presentation, which contains the slide pane, the outline pane, the task pane, and the notes pane normal
a boxed outline on a slide that can be used to insert text or an object when clicked placeholder
an application that allows the user to create and save slides to use as slide shows presentation
runs slides as they would appear during a presentation slide show
a view that displays all slides simultaneously in miniature form slide sorter
a feature that can be applied to control the way slides move on and off the screen transition
the arrangement of placeholders on a slide slide layout
the file extension for a Microsoft powerpoint pptx
the guideline for how much information should be on a slide 7x7
moving, formatting or resizing multiple objects as one item grouping
the legal method for protecting your intellectual property rights copyright
placing a presentation in a format for others to use, such as to CD or the web publishing
feature that allows you to create presentations for different audiences by selecting specific slides from the presentation custom show
to remove part of a picture crop
the area behind the text and graphics on a slide background
a preset collection of design elements, including colors, fonts, and other special effects theme
vertical and horizontal lines that you can display to help organize placement of objects on the page guides
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