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BKHS CBA Software

programs that allow the user to perform specific tasks; also known as productivity software application
system software that acts as a "go-between", allowing computer hardware and other software to communicate with each other operating
software responsible for the general operation of a computer system, including the operation of hardware, running application software, and file management system
another term for programs--the instructions that allow the user to communicate with the computer software
A program on a computer that allows the user to create, edit, view, print, rename, copy, or delete files, folders, or an entire file system file management
storing data for later use save
a feature that allows the user to change the attributes of a file (such as location, file name, or file type) before saving it
an extension at the end of a file name, indicating which application was used to create a document file type
a type of system software that runs system checks and makes sure everything is working properly utility
a type of utility software that checks for viruses anti-virus
a program designed to disrupt or destroy the normation operations of a computer virus
a software application that is designed to create, edit, format, print and save text-based documents, such as letters, reports, and memos word processing
a software application that stores data in a grid of horizontal rows and vertical columns. The software is designed to analyze data using formulas and calculations. spreadsheet
an application software designed to create a visual display of information; can include text, graphics, audio and video presentation
an application software designed to collect and organize data for easy retrieval and analysis database
an application software that is designed to combine text and graphics to create professional print-ready publications desktop publishing
programs that make it possible for a computer to transmit and receive information to and from other computers. communication
a program that makes it possible to connect to the Internet web browser
a program like gmail or hotmail that allows a user to communicate with another user email
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