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BKHS CBA Hardware

the central processing unit--the component that executes commands from a computer's hardware and software; the principal computer chip that contains several processing components, which determines the computer's operating speed; the "brain" of a computer cpu
a hardware component that allows data to be entered into the computer through a variety of devices such as a keyboard, microphone, scanner, flash drive, or mouse input device
the action of gaining access to a computer or a network by entering a username and password; also called Login/Sign In logon
computer chips that store data and programs while the computer is working; often called RAM or Random Access Memory memory
a hardware component that allows the user to view or listen to the data a computer processes such as a monitor, printer, headphones, or speakers output device
additional hardware that isn't necessary for a computer to function, but does enhance how the computer can be used peripheral
internal or external hardware used to store and retrieve data, such as a disk drive, CD/DVD drive, flash drive, or tape drive storage device
a computer case that contains the CPU, power supply, memory, and storage system unit
a type of electronic signal that is processed, sent and stored in bits digital
= 8 bits; a single character of data byte
the physical components of a computer system hardware
the main circuit board of a computer motherboard
the hardware device that controls the timing on a computer; measured hertz system clock
one billion cycles per second gigahertz
universal product code---a bar code upc
optical mark reader--a scanning device that reads bubble sheets omr
optical character reader--a device that reads handwritten or typed text ocr
the unit of measurement for describing the speed of a printer ppm
type of printer that "burns" the data to the page; most common in business laser
type of printer that is used most commonly for personal use ink-jet
the unit measurement for describing the quality of a printer dpi
a communication device for connecting to the Internet; example: phone, DSL, cable modem
network interface card; a communication device for connecting a computer to a network nic
one billion bytes gigabyte
one million bytes megabyte
type of storage media that uses a laser to burn data to the storage media optical
type of storage media that is used in memory cards and flash drives flash
type of storage method that is used by most hard drives to store data magnetic
output printed on paper hard copy
output displayed on a screen soft copy
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