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SF ch5 Chemistry

What do you use to measure he volume of hydrogen peroxide? Hydrometer
anything that occupies space matter
what is hair made of? Keratin
oxidants have the ability to release ________ oxygen
what are the bonds that hold protein chains together in order to build hair? Side bonds
permanent hair color enters the hair with the aid of this An alkaline substance
Temporary colors contain this Certified colors
Ice melting or polishing nails is an example of this type of change Physical Change
matter that contains carbon and was once living is known as Organic chemistry
Hydrogen proxide, sodium perborate, and sodium bromate are the main ingredients found in Neutralizer
bonds that are easily broken by hea or water Hydrogen bonds
shampoo that is recommended for someone who is ill or bedridden Powder dry shampoo
a mixture of organic substances and a meicinal agent are known as ointments
Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen are the building blocks of Amino acids
an emulsion is formed when two or more non-mixable substances are joined together with the aid of a Binder
A substance that is able to dissolve another substance is known as a Solvent
acid-balanced shampoo has the same pH as Hair and Skin
In water purification,passing a liquid through a porous substance is known as Filtration
another name for non-mixable immiscible
when mixing sugar into iced tea, what does the sugar represent? Solute
On the pH scale 7.0 is conidered Neutral
Deionized water is the first ingredient found in Most Shampoos
Which side bond is most important to cosmetologists Disulfide bond
cleaning the hair and scalp is simply known as Shampooing
when amino acids join together into chains, what is created? Proteins
The rusting of a nail or an acrylic overlay would be known as a Chemical Change
basic substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substance are called elements
a conditioner that is able to penetrate into the cortex and deposit proteins is called Body-building conditoner
A pH of 5 is how many more times acidic than a pH of 6 10
a substance loses an electron and oxygen is acquired during oxidation
Soaps are a mixture of fats and oils converted to________ by heat and then purified Fatty acids
Atoms that are the same form an element
a solution that contains more positive hydrogen ions than negative hydroxide ions is Acidic
Three basic forms in which matter exists Solid, liquid, gas
pH stands for Potential Hydrogen
COHNS is an acronym for Carbon, hydrogen, oxygens, nitrogen, and sulfur
If the atoms are the same it is known as an element, if the atoms are different it is known as a Compound
miscible simply means mixable
used to remove oil from the hair, surfacants are also called Surface active agents
The natural pH of hair is maintained by the mixture of ___________ from the sebaceous glands and perspiration. Secretions
These give softness to the feel of hair without weighing it down. They are a form of siicone. Dimethicones
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