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Foundations 20 - 22

Gio Maciocia

Sadness affects which 2 organs? Lu & Ht
Worry affects which 2 organs? Lu & Sp
Shock affects which organ? Ht
Emotion that makes qi rise Anger
Emotion that slows qi down Joy
Emotion that dissolves, depletes qi Sadness
Emotion that knots qi Worry, Pensiveness
Emotion that makes qi descend Fear
Emotion that scatters qi Shock
True or false: All emotions tend to cause qi stag True
In addition to Liv, what organs might be affected by anger? St, Int, Ht
Which emotion: H/A, dizziness, tinnitus, red face, stiff neck? Anger
Sudden joy is akin to: Shock
Which emotion? Palps, overexcitability, insomnia, restless, red tip of tongue Joy
Which emotion? Breathless, tired, feeling of discomfort in chest, depression or crying Sadness
Sadness may deplete what in women? Liver blood
Which emotion? Uncomfortable feeling in chest, sl. Breathlessness, tense shoulders, dry cough, weak voice, sighing, pale complexion Worry (affecting Lu)
Which emotion? Poor appetite, sl epigastric discomfort, ab distension, tiredness, pale complexion Worry or pensiveness affecting Sp
Which emotion? Nocturnal enuresis, incontinence of urine, diarrhea Fear
Which emotion can in some cases make qi rise, with palps, insomnia, night sweating, dry mouth & malar flush? Fear
Which emotion? Palps, breathless, insomnia, moving pulse Shock
True or false: Climactic factors become causes of disease only when there is a relative imbalance between the body’s qi & the exterior pathogenic factors. T
True or false: The diagnosis of an invasion of an exterior pathogenic factor is made from interrogation of the patient False. It is made from analysis of clinical manifestations, not interrogation.
What is the order of the penetration of exterior pathogenic factors according to Nei Jing? Skin, Superficial connecting channels, Connecting channels, Main channels, Organs
How do exterior pathogens invade? Skin (Classically cold syndromes) or by nose & mouth (classically Warm syndromes)
What creates the intensity of the fever in exterior conditions? Struggle between upright qi and external pathogens. Strong pathogen & strong upright qi = high fever…Strong pathogen & weak qi or vice versa=medium fever….Both pathogen & qi weak=low or no fever
Which part of body is wind more likely to affect? Upper
Manifestation of wind invading space between skin & muscles & Lungs Wei qi aversion to cold, fever, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, occipital stiffness, floating pulse.
Manifestation of wind invading muscles & channels Stiffness, rigidity, contraction of muscles w/ sudden onset.
Manifestation of wind invading joints pain that moves from joint to joint, esp in upper part of body.
Manifestation of cold invading muscles & sinews Stiffness, contraction of muscles, pain & chilliness
Manifestation of cold invading joints severe pain in joint, often only on one joint
Manifestation of cold invading St Sudden epigastric pain w/ vomit
Manifestation of cold invading Intestines Sudden ab pain w/ diarrhea
Manifestation of cold invading Uterus Acute Dysmenorrhea
Manifestation of summer-heat aversion to cold, fever, sweat, H/A, dark urine, thirst, flolating rapid pulse
Manifestation of dampness invading muscles & sinews feeling of heaviness in limbs, dull ache in muscles
Manifestation of invading joints pain, heaviness & swelling of joints, esp in lower part of body.
General manifestation of dampness acute urinary discomfort, acute vag discharge, acute skin disease w/ vesicles/papules, acute digestive upset
General manifestation of dryness Acute dry cough, aversion to cold, fever, dry mouth/nose
General manifestation of fire Aversion to heat, high fever, sweat, mental confusion, thirst, overflowing, rapid pulse, red T w/ yellow coat.
What features show a strong constitution? broad forehead & glabella, long, wide nose, full cheeks, strong lower jaw, long ears w/ long lobes, well proportioned face, long philtrum, normal complexion w/ luster, firm muscles & skin.
Excessive use of the eyes injures blood/Ht
Excessive lying down injures Qi/Lu
Excessive sitting injures muscles/Sp
Excessive standing injures Bones, Kid
Excessive exercise injures Sinews/Liv
Excessive physical work injures Muscles, sinews, Sp, Liv
Repetitive work in one joint qi stag
Excessive lifting injures Kid
Lack of exercise qi stag, damp, phlegm.
XS sexual activity s/sx fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, low backache, weak knees, frequent urination afterwards
Stimulate sexual desire & performance with what 2 points UB 23 & Du 4
Dampen sexual desire with what 3 points Kid 3, Kid 6, Sp 6
How do beta blockers affect the pulse? Make it slow & rather deep
How do tranquilizers affect the pulse Make it somewhat sluggish & reluctant
How do antibiotics affect the T? Peeled in patches
Oral steroids effect on tongue Swollen & red
Effect of long term cannibis use Induces Kid xu, causes weak Zhi, affects Heart blood & Yi
Effect of long term use of cocaine Phlegm fire in heart
Effect of LSD Effects heart, possible Ht fire
Effect of Ecstasy Weakens Kid, Obstructs heart orifices
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