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State of Conciousness? Conscious Sedation
Most commonly prescribed Oral Sedaction drug is? Benzodiazepine
What is Local Anesthesia? Produces a deadened or Pain-Free Area while the dentst performs a procedure.
What is Topical Anesthesia? Placed on Surface of the oral mucosa to eliminate sensation.
How is Nitrous Oxide administer? Inhilation Only
What is the purpose of Nitrous Oxide? Given the day before to the patient to relax and relieve apprehension.
Uses for Topical Anesthesia? Subgingival Scaling, Root planing, Seating Crowns, Placing Matrix bands and Performing Periodontal Probing.
Allergic Reactions to Anesthesia? Swelling, redness, ulcerations, and difficulty swallowing and breathing
How long can an allergic reaction last? 24 hours or more after the application.
What are symptoms of Toxic Reaction? Stimulation of the central nervous system, more talkative, apprehensive and excited with increased pulse rate and blood preassure.
What color is the 1" needle? Blue
What color is the 1 5/8" needle? Yellow
Do some Dentist hire a Nurse Anesthian to administer anesthisia? YES
Inhalation Sedation? Odorless and colorless gases that provide general anesthesia
What is Analgesia? Absence of Pain
What is Analgesic? Relieves Pain
Local Anesthetic Agents are? Amides & Ester
How long does Short Duration Solution lasts? 30 Minutes
How long does Intermediate Duration Solution lasts? 60 Minutes
How long does Long Duration Solution lasts? 90 Minutes
Most common vasoconstrictor used in denstistry is? Epinephrine
What can Paresthesia cause? Trauma, Hemorrhage and Injection of local anesthetic contaminated by aclcohol near a nerve
Types of Injections? Local Infiltration, Field Block & Nerve Block
Placed in the tissues near the small terminal nerve? Infiltration Anesthesia
Is deposited near larges terminal nerve branches? Field Block Anesthesia
Injected near a main nerve truck? Nerve Block Anesthesia
Intraosseous Anesthesia? You place anesthetic on Cacellous bone.
Periodontal Ligament injection? Pulpal anesthesia of one or two teeth in a quadrant.
Intrapulpal injection? Deposites the anesthetic directly into the pulp chamber or rood canal.
Electronic Dental Anesthesia? Used with nitrous oxdie inhalation sedation and placed in centric occlusion.
Computer-Controlled local anesthesia? System promises a Pain-Free Injection
Nitrous Oxide Sedation? Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen gases are combined to provide relaxation & relieve to the patients. Patients maintain conciousness and administered thru nosepiece
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