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DA chapter 11

Infection control

The Autoclave requires which type of water? Distilled
Is it easier to achieve or mantain sterilization? Achieve
included in the Bloodborne PathogensStandard are 1. Timely training for employees 2.provide employees with everything to meet standard regulations 3. provide all PPE for hepatitis B vaccines 5. establish standards for disposal of hazardous was All
An autoclave sterilizes by using what? steam under pressure
Ultrasonic cleaner is preferred to hand cleaning because. 1. uses cavitation process 2. safer for auxillary 3. uses sound waves to reach all ares of the instuments 4. all of the above all the above
The glove of choice for working chairside is? latex
A disadvantage of an ethylene oxide sterilization system is requires ventilation
utility gloves are used in a dental procedure to clean the operatory
Disinfection level that kills some viruses, fungi and most bacterial microorganisms is? low
after a procedure, gloves that were not torn or ripped schould be removed and thrown away
what does OSHA stand for? Occupational Safty and Health Administration
What does HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
Following statements are true except 1. Disposable items are ideal for infection control 2. Disposable items can be disinfected and reused 3.disposable items are intended for single use only 4. disposable items are more expensive overall for the denti 2 disposble items can be disinfected and reused
Only way to verify time requirements for a product is by 1.reading the label 2.asking the dentist the manufacturer 4.all the above read the label
At a minimum a ____ handwash should be done 15 seconds
Failure to complete sterilization in an autoclave could result from 1. improper settings 2. improper wrapping of instruments 3. overloading the chamber 4. all the above All above
disinfection level that does not kill bacterial spores is intermediate
liquid chemical sterilizer requires ___ to sterilize room tempature for 10 hrs.
Some products require as few as ___ to disinfect 10 minutes
Dry heat sterilizer requires ___ to sterilize. 340 degree for 1 hr.
A mask is worn by dental team members to protect the mucus membranes of the mouth and nose
most effective way to reduce the amount of aerosols coming from the high speed handpiece from being sprayed into the air is to use the HVE
if the dental assistant has not had the hep.B vaccines the employeris responsible for 1. information regarding availability of vacine during initial training 2. paying for the vaccines 3. immunization iformation 4.all the above 4 all above
Heated ethylene oxide sterilization method requires ___ to sterilize 120 degrees for 2 to 3 hrs
T/F universal precautions mean that all patients are treated as if they are infectious True
T/F standard precautions are utilized prior to,during,and after each procedure True
T/F following patient treatment and glove removal,gloves are placed into the regular waste receptacle False
when taking patients medical health history, it is important to update this information both verbally and in writing True
The rag wheel can be disposed or rinsed out and sterilized after use True
T/F dental patient should be offered protective eyewear True
T/F if sterilization has occured,allforms of microorganisms have been destroyed True
it is recommened that the disposale of patient gloves go into a biohazard waste receptacle True
T/F as long as protection for the front of the eyes is provided,any glasses are appropriate protective eyewear False
Created by: kelly pierce
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