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Surgical & oral inst

Surgical & oral instruments

aids patient in keeping their mouth open bite-block (mouth prop)
to hold and retract tongue or cheek during surgery Minnesota retractor (tongue and cheek retractor)
to evacuate fluid from oral cavity and surgical site surgical suction (disposable)
to irrigate/flush out surgical site surgical irrigating syringe (mono-jet)
resorbable sutures (gut plain, chromic gut, polyglycolic)- to suture surgical site gut suture (yellow plastic sutures)
non-resorbable sutures (silk, nylon, polyester, polypropylene)- to suture surgical site silk suture (black)
to hold blade in place, cut tissue, trim inter-proximal restorations bard Parker scalpel Holder
to cut tissue, trim inter-proximal restorations # 15 blade
to remove or smooth rough edges of alveolar bone bone file
to remove debris or granulation tissue from surgical site surgical curette
to hold tissue during surgical procedures tissue forceps
to hold tissue away from surgical site seldon retractor
to separate tissue from tooth or bone. to hold tissue away from surgical site small periosteal elevator
to loosen tooth from periodontal ligaments before extraction straight elevator (small 301)
to loosen root, separate and lift root from socket on posterior teeth cryer elevator (east/west pairs- large handle)
to lift and remove fragments of root root tip elevator
to loosen tooth from periodontal ligaments before extraction, separate tooth from alveolus on posterior teeth T-Bar elevator
to lift and remove small root tips in difficult areas root tip pick
to use with bone chisel to section tooth for easier removal by tapping on chisel, reshape or contour alveolar bone surgical mallet
to cut sutures suture scissors
to split or section a tooth for easier removal. shape or contour alveolar bone surgical chisel
to trim and remove excess alveolar bone after extraction of teeth. to contour bone after multiple extractions rongeur
to grasp and manipulate suture needle needle holder
to cut tissue tissue scissors
to cut sutures suture scissors
to grasp tissue or bone fragments (multiple uses in dental setting) hemostat
extract mandibular right 1st and 2nd molars #16 forceps (cowhorn)
extract mandibular right 1st and 2nd molars #17 forceps
extract maxillary left 1st and 2nd molars #88L forceps (left)
extract maxillary right 1st and 2nd molars #88R forceps (right)
extract maxillary teeth and roots #150
extract mandibular teeth and roots #151
to relieve dry socket, to madicate/moisten the socket gel foam, iodoform packing strips, dry socket paste
to administer a local anesthetic anesthetic aspirating syringe
to place in the extraction or surgical site sterilized 2x2 gauze
to remove blade from bard Parker disposable blade remover
fits in nitrous unit to aid in the administration of nitrous oxide nitrous nose insert (pedo and adult sizes)
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