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Unit 2 163 Pima

oral rad PIMA

Ideal temp for developer 68 degrees
if temp for developer is low x-rays will be lighter
if temp of developer is high it allow shorter time for developing
main purpose for fixer to remove the silver halide crystals which has been exposed to x-ray
develop time is 5 mins at 68 degrees fixing time will be 10min
for routine film processing the best method is time-temp processing
processing solutions test step wedge device
safelight placed 4ft
fim emilsion hardend during drying
purpose of fast speed radiographic film short exposure time
T or F film speed is determined by silver halide crystals in emulsion, The larger the size the faster the speed faster... true
periapical films show entire tooth including apex, show the supporting structure around the tooth, come in various sizes
purpose of led foil is to protect the film from back scattered radiation
latent image before exposure
film size 1 used for FMX of children under 6
density of radiographis to dark why? overexposing and overdeveloping
correct processing order develop, fix, rinse, wash
thin black lines static electricity
white lines or marks scratched emulsion
black shadow light leak
smudged film fingermarks
reticulation different temp. of developing and rinse waters
white spots premature fixer
brownish-yellow stains improper washing
dark spots premature developer
fixing solution disposed by label hazerdous have waste disposal company dispose of it
Created by: Urania
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