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9th Grade Chapter 4

Empires of India and China

Respect for parents Filial piety
Complete control of a product or business by one person or group. Monopoly
Headed by the father or oldest male. Patriarchal
Rebirth of the soul in another bodily form. Reincarnation
Large done-shaped shrine that housed sacred remains of Buddha. Stupa
Maurya emperor who converted to Buddhism. Asoka
Hindu god known as the creator. Brahma
Philosopher who ideas helped shaped Chinese civilization for 2,500 years. Confucius
Who was the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)
Who was the emperor who united China? Shi Huangdi
Hindu believed that the caste could be changed by _____. the law of karma
Philosophy that taught that government should pass strict laws and enforece then with harsh punishment. Legalism
This trade route linked China with the west. Silk Road
What does Hindus and Buddhists both believe in? Nonviolence
When does the golden age of India take place? During the rule of the Guptas
What was the puropse of the caste rules in Hindu society? to ensure spiritual purity.
In the Indian household who was the head of the family? Father
What was the most important duty for Chinese people? Respect for parents.
Han emperors based their rule on the teachings of? Confucius
What dynasty did China become the most technologically advanced civilization? Han
How did the Han emperors select officals to run the government? By setting up a system of civil service exams that were open to anyone.
This people believed that the best government was one that goverend least. Daoists
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