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Google Doc Formattin

Google Doc Formatting Terms

insert move insertion point to where you want to type and key text; remaining copy moves right
font design of a set of letters and numbers
font size size in points
underline underlines text
italic prints letters that slope up toward right
bold prints text darker than other copy
alignment refers to horizontal position of test
undo reverses the last change you made in text
delete removes a character or space
backspace insertion point goes backward to remove the next character or space
header text or graphics that appears in top margin of each page in a document
footer text or graphics that appears at the bottom of each page in a document or presentation
copy make a duplicate or exact replica of a shape, etc.
cut to remove text
paste to replace text
margins the white space set in inches at the top
page orientation whether or not the page is lengthwise or horizontal
landscape page is horizontal like the horizon
portrait page is vertical like a picture of a person
page numbers the number of the page within the document
line spacing spacing between lines of text
indent the space between text and margin
bullet small symbols that mark the beginning of a list item
paint format tool that copies multiple formatting characteristics and then applies that same formatting to selected area
print makes a paper copy
background color of text creates a rectangular shaped colored background behind text
paper color in the file-page setup command paper color can be changed
help allows you to search for answer to question
redo reverses the last undo action
show spelling suggestions checks words for misspelling
selection handles small circles at the sides and corners of a text box or graphic used to resize the object
characters individual letters, symbols, punctuation marks, or spaces
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