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review for SQL Server 2008 final

Define, describe and give an example of a database. a catalog of tables and entities describing a solution for collecting and reporting data and information. It is securable meaning only those clients with the proper credentials may access it.
Define, describe and give an example of SQL. Stands for structured query language. It is a means of defining, controlling, and manipulating RDBMS data. It is a set-based language in which you define what set of data you want to operate on & leave it up to the Database to find the best way.
Define, describe and give an example of primary key. It is a constraint which identifies each row uniquely. Null values are not allowed. It can either be part of the actual record, or it can be an artificial field. A primary key can consist of one or more fields on a table.
Define, describe and give an example of database record. One or more attributes for a given relational table. In a relational database, records correspond to rows in each field.
Define, describe and give an example of database security. Concerns the use of a broad range of infomation security controls to protect databases. Regular backups are an example of database security.
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