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Foundations Ch 1 -4

Gio Maciocia

Egg turning into chick Intertransformation of yin and yang
When the weather becomes hot, the water in the soil dries up Mutual consuming of yin & yang
When weather is very cold, the body trembles Mutual consuming of yin & yang
Excessive work without rest induces extreme deficiency in the body’s energies Intertransformation of yin & yang
Excessive jogging induces a very slow pulse Intertransformation of yin/yang
Excessive worrying depletes the energy of the body Intertransformation of yin/yang
Excessive consumption of alcohol induces euphoria, which is followed by hangover Intertransformation of yin/yang
Summer changes into winter Intertransformation of yin yang
Pensiveness does what to qi: Knots it
Qihua function of qi Process of mutual transformation among essence, qi, body fluid and blood, and functional activities of zang fu
Checking function of qi Controlling of blood by keeping it circulating in the vessels, controls sweat, urine, seminal emission
Stools not loose or slightly loose but frequent, patient cannot hold them easily Deficiency of entral qi with sinking of Sp qi
Constipation with small, dry bitty goat like stools Liv qi stag & Heat in Int
5E dx: Loose stools, edema, tired & weak limbs Water insulting Earth
5E dx: Malar flush, dry mouth at night, insomnia, dizziness, low backache, night sweating Fire insulting Water
5E treatment for deficiency of one element Choose point on channel of that element related to mother element
5E treatment for excess of element Choose point on channel of that element related to child
Taste: Generates fluids & yin Sour
Taste: Astringent, controls perspiration & diarrhea Sour
Taste: Clears heat Bitter
Taste: Sedates & hardens Bitter
Taste: Clears damp heat Bitter
Taste: Subdues rebellious qi Bitter
Taste: Tonifies, balances, moderate Sweet
Taste: Tonifies deficiency, stops pain Sweet
Taste: Scatters Pungent
Taste: Used to expel pathogenic factors Pungent
Taste: Flows downward Salty
Taste: Softens hardness Salty
Taste: Treats constipation Salty
Taste: Treats swelling Salty
Taste: Goes to nerves, upsets Liv, use sparingly if excess pain Sour
Taste: Goes to bone, avoid in bone disease Bitter
Taste: Goes to muscles, excess can cause weak muscles sweet
Taste: Scatters qi Avoid in qi xu
Taste: Dries the blood. Avoid in blood xu Slaty
If an organ is diseased, what flavor should the person avoid The one that controls that organ along the Controlling Sequence. Excess sour (Wood) can injure earth
An organ is nourished by which flavor? The taste of the element that it controls. Sweet is good for the Liv
The Ming Men Fire accumulates at which point Du4
Preheaven essence accumulates at which point Ren 4
What produces marrow? Essence
What is the basis of the Three Treasures? Essence & qi
What is the basis of constitutional strength? Essence
Stunted growth, poor bone development, infertility, habitual miscarriage, mental retardation in children, bone detioration in adults, loose teeth and hair falling out or graying prematurely Essence xu related to growth, reproduction & development
Poor sexual function, impotence, weakness of knees, nocturnal emissions, tinnitus, deafness Essence xu (Essence as basis of Kid qi)
Poor concentration, poor memory, dizziness, tinnitus, feeling of emptiness in head Essence xu (Essence as basis of marrow)
Extremely prone to colds, flu & other exterior diseases, chronic rhinitis, chronic allergic rhinitis Essence xu (essence as basis of constitutional strength)
What are the three treasures? Jing, Qi, Shen
What is the dynamic motive force that arouses and moves the function of all the organs? Yuan qi (original qi)
What is the basis of Kid qi? Yuan qi
What is the conduit of the Triple Burner? Yuan qi
What facilitates the tranformation of Gu Qi into Blood in the Ht? Yuan qi
What helps the transformation of Gathering Qi (Zong qi) into True Qi (Zhen Qi)? Yuan qi
Original qi Yuan
Gathering qi Zong
True qi Zhen
Gu qi rises to the chest where it combines with air to form: Zong qi (gathering qi)
Gu qi rises to the chest where, in the Heart, it is transformed into: Blood
This qi nourishes Ht/Lu Gathering qi
This qi enhances Lu function of controlling qi & respiration: Gathering qi
This qi promotes the Ht function of governing blood & blood vessels Gathering qi
What qi controls speech & strength of voice? Gathering qi
What qi affects & promotes blood circulation to extremities? Gathering qi
What qi is coordinated with Original qi to regulate breathing & aid the Kidneys? Gathering qi
Gathering qi & Original qi combine to form: True qi (Zhen qi)
True qi assumes two different forms: Ying qi & wei qi
Where does true qi originate: Lungs
What qi nourishes the internal organs? Nutritive qi (ying qi)
What qi is closely linked to blood? Nutritive qi
Qi that flows in channels & blood vessels Nutritive qi
Qi that has its root in the Lower jiao/Kidneys, is nourished by the Middle Jiao/Sp/St, Spreads outwards in the Upper jiao/Lungs: Wei qi
Qi that circulates outside the channels in the space between the skin & the muscles: Wei qi
Qi that warms the muscles: Wei qi
Qi that is mixed with sweat in the space between skin & muscles Regulates opening & closing of pores
How often does wei qi circulate: 50 times in 24 hours (equal amounts day & night)
Central qi Zhong qi
True qi of SP/St Zhong qi (Central qi
Qi that is the Spleen’s function of transportation & transformation Zhong qi
Qi that is Spleen’s function of raising qi Zhong qi
Name of qi that indicates all tupes of Qi that play a role in the defence of the body from invasion by external pathogens Upright qi (Zheng qi)
Zheng qi Upright qi
Wei qi, ying qi & Kidney essence qi are all Upright qi
Name the 6 functions of qi: Transform, Transport, Hold, Raise, Protect, Warm
The flow of qi in all organs of the body, all triple burner cavities, joints, skin, muscles, diaphragm, fat tissue & membranes qi mechanism
Is ascending & exiting a yin or yang movement? yang
Is descending & entering a yin or yang movement? yin
When qi mechanism is disrupted, what happens? qi stag, rebellious qi
Lung qi primarily goes which direction? What other directions does it go? Descends. Also ascends, and enters & exits
What is the primary direction of the Liver qi? Ascending. However it allows the free flow of other qis in all directions
Direction of Sp qi Ascends
Direction Kid qi Ascends to Lungs, sometimes descends (urination)
Direction of Ht qi Descends to meet with Kidneys
What organs are the main source of blood? Sp/St
What organ pushes Gu Qi to the Heart to make blood? Lu
Where is Gu Qi transformed into blood? Ht
What organ governs the blood? Ht
Which two qis help turn gu qi into blood? Original qi (helps transform the food qi into blood). Kidney Essence qi, produces marrow, which generates bone marrow, which contributes to making blood
What are the functions of blood? Nourishes, Moistens, Houses the Mind, Determines menstruation, Circulates with Ying qi
What organ governs blood & blood vessels? Ht
The pulse on the left or right reflects the state of blood? Left
What organ is the origin of blood? Sp
What organ makes sure blood stays in the vessels? Sp
What organ stores blood? Liv
What organ controls all the channels and blood vessels? Lu
Tian Gui Menstrual blood in women. Sperm in men. Originates from Kid essence. Matures at puberty. While part of blood, menstrual blood is more precious because it derives directly from Kid essence
Qi ___, ____ & ____ blood, while blood is the ____ of qi. Generates, moves, holds, mother (meaning nourishes & gives dense basis to qi)
Blood xu manifesting primarily in menstrual function (scanty, amenorrhea) is generally due to Deficiency of Kid & Liv
Blood xu d/t lack of manufacture is due to which two primary organs? Which other organs might play a role? Sp/St, Liv/Kid
What causes blood stasis? Qi stag, heat, cold
Clear, light & thin water fluids…Tears, saliva, mucus Jin (Circulate with wei qi, under the control of the lungs, nourish skin & muscles)
Heavy, turbid, denser fluids… Moisten joints, spine, brain, bone marrow, lubricate orifices Ye (Under control of Sp & Kid.)
Which organ is always treated in any type of disorder of body fluids, because it is the most important organ in relation to physiology & pathology of Body fluids? SP
Which organ regulates water passages? Lu
Which organ provides heat for Sp to transform body fluids? Kid. (This is why Kid yang xu almost always results in Sp yang xu, with the resulting accumulation of body fluids)
Which organ assists the SI in it function of separating body fluids into pure & impure? Kid
Which organ provides qi to the UB for its function of qi transformation? Kid
Which organ assists TB in transforming & excreting fluids? Kid
Which organ transforms, transports & excretes body fluids? TB
Which organ transforms, separates & excretes body fluids? Kid
Which organ diffuses body fluids? Lu
Which organ is the origin of body fluids? St
What replenishes blood & makes it thinner so that it doesn’t coagulate/stagnate? Body fluids
All senses depend on what? Heart & Mind
All emotions affect the ______ in addition to their relevant organ? Heart
What organ allows the Yuan qi to emerge from between the Kid to differentiate inits different forms for its different functions around the body? TB
What is the entering and exiting of the essence? It brings the essence into play and regulates all physiological functions? Po (corporeal soul)
What point can be used to relieve qi stagnation in every part of the body, but especially the upper part (hypochondrium, flanks, breasts)? TB 6
What organ makes sure all the passages of qi and water are open? TB
Cough, red eyes, H/A, red sides of tongue Lung qi not descending, creates Liver Heat
Cough, asthma, H/A: Lu qi not descending. Liv qi escaping up.
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