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POFT1309-Chapter 4-6

Administrative Office Procedures

Character a combination of personal standards of behavior or traits, such as integrity and moral strength
Code of ethics a written pledge to make responsible, moral decisions
Core values long-term attributes that don't change from day to day or situation to situation
Ethics guidelines or accepted beliefs about what is right or wrong, good or bad
Morals principles or rules for behaving in the right manner
Stakeholders a person or group that has a vested interest in a decision or action
Values personal beliefs about what is right and wrong
Cohesion a quality of an effective team by which the team "sticks together" and operates as one
Cross-functional team a team composed of individuals from several different functional groups within an organization, usually brought together to solve a problem or work on a project that requires their expertise
Groupthink a situation in which the members of a team tend to suppress divergent ideas and to make their opinions and decisions conform to those of the group
Informal roles roles on a team that are not articulated or assigned but that members recognize as needing to be filled and taken on
Project team a team developed for a clearly defined project with a beginning and end
Status report a report to a supervisor on the progress of a teams activities
Team a group of people who work together towards a common goal
Team norms habits or unwritten rules of operation from a team
Virtual team a team that primarily meets electronically
Customer someone who buys or uses the products or services of a company or organization
Customer focus a commitment to providing high-quality customer service to all customers
Customer service the ability of an organization to consistently give customers what they want and need
Empathy understanding or concern for someones feelings or position
External customers people or other organizations that buy or use the products and services provided by the organization
Human relations skills abilities that allow one to interact with others effectively
Internal customers departments or employees within an organization who use the products or services provided by others within the organization
Live chat exchanging text messages in real time via a computer or other device such as a cell phone
Strategy a plan of action for achieving a goal
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