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Chapter 7

Using Information Resources

encyclopedias are books with entries that cover subjects like people, places, events, science, and technology
printed texts are resources that can be found in book form and on paper
almanacs contain articles about key events of the previous year and expectations for the coming year and contain weather forecasts and astronomical information
atlas is a book about countries and regions of the world and contain maps
library catalogs help you find a library's book and other materials; modern ones are often on computers
dictionary a book that alphabetically lists words and their meanings, in addition, it gives the word's pronunciation and etymology
thesaurus a specialized dictionary that gives a listing of synonyms and antonyms
periodicals magazines or journals that are published periodically
magazines offer articles in a specific area of interest
journals are academic magazines
website a group of related web pages that are created and compiled by a person or an organization
databases are compiled of lists of articles and studies. They can often be found on the computers in a library.
documentary a factual film that focuses on political, social, or historic topics
validate the process you must go through to determine whehter or not the facts in a source is reliable
preface provides an introduction to a book
annotations give critical commentary about items in the book usually at the bottom of the page or in the margins
citations are direct quotations and other information taken from other sources to make up the research in a text
endnotes are a type of citation that are placed at the end of each chapter or of the book itself
bibliography lists the titles, authors, and publishing information for all of the references used
appendix contains additional information that may not fit well in the actual text
search engine on the web, it is where you go to type in the topic you want to find information about
timeline a type of graphic organizer that helps to organize events in chronological order
outlines a type of graphic organizer that helps to put ideas in order by sorting main ideas from supporting details
primary source a source that provides first hand evidence about an event
secondary source a source that provides commentary or opinions on events, but the authors have not directly experienced those events
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