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Featherston 7

The chairman of tellers: reads the report and hands it to the chair.
The tellers' report: is entered in full in the minutes.
A board has the character of a deliberative assembly, except: all of the above.
When there is an executive committee within and subordinate to it, the executive board may be called the: all of the above are correct.
If a society has an executive board, the board: must be provided for in the bylaws.
It is generally advisable to provide in the bylaws for a board to: all of the above are correct.
The executive board has the authority to: perform duties as assigned by the bylaws or the assembly.
The executive board commonly consists of: the elected officers and directors who are elected at the same time and in the same way as the other officers.
The amount of power delegated to an executive board is determined by: how often the society as a whole meets.
If the bylaws give the board executive authority in certian matters: the board cannot delegate that authority to a subordinate group.
At the conclusion of a roll call vote, before the result is announced: the names of those who failed to answer can be called again.
In most ordinary societies having executive boards: it is custonary for the president and secretary of the society to serve in the same capacity within the board.
Without a specification in the bylaws, a board of directors in an organization with a parent assemly or membership body: can appoint committees.
Usually the composition of the executive committee: is specified in the bylaws.
when a committee reports back proposed amendments to a resolution which was referred with a pending amendment: after the pending amendment has benn voted on, the reporting member moves the adoption of the amendments proposed by the committee.
Proposed action on an emergency issue may be approved by members of a board by: only a vote in a meeting, a quorum being present.
Which of the following would allow the board minutes to be read to the assembly is: a two-thirds vote.
The executive secretary/executive director: is elected by the parent body.
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