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Francais Final Vocab

The vocabulary for the french final

Le TGV the train of great speed
La gare the train station
La vitesse the speed
En version originale in original version
Double dubbed
Avec des sous titres with sub-titles
Malade sick
Envoyer to send
Un telecopier a copier
Une imprimante a printer
Un vol sans escale a direct flight
Un comptoir a counter
Une compagnie a company
Dormir to sleep
Un oreiller a pillow
Une collation a snack
Une couverture a blanket
Decrocher to pick up the phone
Raccrocher to hang up the phone
Le tableau des grandes lignes the arrival/departure board of the big trains
Des lignes de banlieue the commuter trains
Pendant during
Ensemble together
Quelquefois sometimes
Un ordinateur a computer
Un billet a ticket
Rater to miss
Un arret a stop
Un avion a plane
Chercher to look for
Tomber to fall
Trouver to find
L'entracte the intermission
Un musee a museum
Rappeler to call back
Une angine a throat infection
Un comprime a tablet
Avant before
Le medecin the doctor
La pharmacienne the pharmacy worker
Le controleur the conductor
Utiliser to use
Un cinema a movie theater
Un dessin anime a cartoon
Une statue a statue
Des yeux eyes
Un mouchoir a handkerchief
La ceinture de securite the seatbelt
La douane customs
L'atterissage the landing
Un portable a cell phone
Une souris a computer mouse
Une telecarte a telephone card
Un repondeur automatique an answering machine
Vendredi friday
Des medicaments some medecine
Mettre to put on
Decoller to take off
Aterrir to land
Montre to be on time
Cliquer to click
Enregistrer to tape
Ou avez-vous mal where does it hurt?
La gorge the throat
Debout standing
Une place disponible an open seat
la paysage the scenery
la neige the snow
connaitre to know
une gare a train station
gratuite free
des telephones a cadran the rotary phones
louer to rent
des compartiments some compartments
la permiere classe first class
moins chere cheaper
de la monnaie some change
un billet (la poste) a bill
une piece a coin
un compte d'epargne a savings account
un compte courant a checking account
verser to pay
retirer to put money away
emprunter to borrow
preter to lend
etre fauche very poor
depenser to spend
un guichet a counter window
un facteur a postman
la rue the street
un timbre a stamp
un colis a package
une balance a scale
peser to weigh
envoyer (la poste) to mail
distribuer to distribute
devoir to owe
aller to go
faire to do, make
etre to be
prendre to take
arriver to arrive
rester to stay, rest
partir to leave
manger to eat
savoir to know (information)
sauvegarder to save
Eteindre to turn off
avoir to have
Obeir to obey
Lire to read
telephoner to call
attendre to wait for
devenir to become
revenir to come back
monter to go up
sortir to go out
venir to come
descendre to get off
Naitre to be born
Entrer to enter
Retourner to return
Rentrer to go home
Mourir to die
Passer to take
Jouer to play
Regarder to look at
Created by: mbadger