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IS Chpt 9

A user entering her username would correspond to the ________ action in access control. a) authentication b) identification c) authorization d) access b) identification
Each of the following make up the AAA elements in network security, except ____. a) controlling access to network resources (authentication) b) enforcing security policies (authorization) c) determining user need (analyzing) d) auditing usage (account c) determining user need (analyzing)
With the development of IEEE 802.1x port security the authentication server ___ has seen even greater usage. a) RDAP b) DAP c) RADIUS d) AAA c) RADIUS
The individual who periodically reviews security settings and maintains records of access by users is called the ____. a) supervisor b) owner c) custodian d) manager c) custodian
In the ____ model, the end user cannot change any security settings. a) Discretionary Access Control b) Security Access Control c) Mandatory Access Control d) Restricted Access Control c) Mandatory Access Control
Separation of duties requires that ______. a) processes should be divided between two or more individuals b) end users cannot set security for themselves c) managers must monitor owners for security purposes d) jobs be rotated among different individu a) processes should be divided between two or more individuals
A(n) ___ is the person responsible for the information and determines the level of security needed for the data and delegates security duties as required. a) owner b) custodian c) end user d) administrator a) owner
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