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CTS 230 EM11

Module 11 Study Guide

Only a few types of computers can read text files. false
Text files are rarely used for storing data false.
Most software programs can both save and retrieve data in a text file format. true
Excel can open a text file into a worksheet, where you can then format it as you would any data. true
Excel can save a workbook as a text file, preserving only the data values, without any of the formats applied to it. true
Columns in delimited text files are always vertically aligned as they would be in a spreadsheet. false
In addition to delimited text, you can also organize data with a fixed-width file. true
By default, the Text Import Wizard will start importing text with the first row of the file. true
For a fixed-width text file to import correctly into Excel, there must be some way for the Text Import Wizard to know where each column begins and ends. true
The Text Import Wizard's attempt to define the number and location of columns is always correct. false
If a break is in the wrong location in the Data preview window, you double-click it to move it to a new location in the window. false
When using the Text Import Wizard, you can specify a column's format before the column is imported. true
In addition to specifying the format of data using the Text Import Wizard, you can also indicate which columns you do not want to import. true
You cannot specify how you want the data to appear in a query. false
When you save a query, you are actually placing the query choices you have made into a file. true
In the last part of writing a query, you specify how to sort the data. true
By modifying a query's properties, you can add new columns to your worksheet, change the sort order options, or specify a filter. true
Databases such as those created in Access are examples of relational databases. true
Microsoft supports a library of built-in Web queries. true
Although text files contain only raw, unformatted data, they are very useful in situations when you want to share data across software programs and computer systems. true
A delimiter separates one row of data from another. false
A(n) space delimiter is often the best way of separating text columns because it permits spaces and commas within each column. false
In the Text Import Wizard, the Preview window shows the initial rows of the text file. true
The point at which one column ends and another begins in the Text Import Wizard is called a column cease. false
In a delimited file, the delimiter automatically determines the row break. false
When using the Text Import Wizard, skip importing a column by clicking the column in the Row preview box and then clicking the Do not import (skip) option button. false
Databases contain information stored in the form of lists. false
Rich text formatting will result in imported data that most closely resembles the appearance of a Web page. false
Because a text file does not contain formatting codes to give it structure, a program needs another way to understand the file contents. true
When filtering data using the Query Wizard – Filter Data dialog box, the left column specifies the type of sort you want to make in the filter, such as “equals,” “greater than,” or “less than.” false
Web query files are simple XML files, so you can view and edit their contents in Notepad. false
A text file can contain ____. formulas, special fonts, graphics
Most software programs can both save and retrieve data in a(n) ____ file format. text
Valid delimiters include ________________, ________, and _____________. tab, comma, space
One way to structure text files is to use a(n) ____. delimiter
A ____ delimiter is often the best way of separating text columns because text delimited this way can include spaces or commas within each column. tab
When you use Excel to connect to a text file, the ____ Wizard determines whether the data is in a fixed-width format or a delimited format. text import
The ____ filename extension identifies a file as a text file. .txt
What are some common text filename extensions (three needed)? .dat, .prn, .csv
The row at which you begin the import process is called the ____ row. starting
You insert a new column break in the Text Import Wizard by ____ the position in the Data preview window where you want the break to appear. clicking
You can delete an extra column break in the Data preview window of the Text Import Wizard by ____ it. clicking
In a ____ file, the wizard guesses the locations of the column breaks. fixed-width
Unless you specify a format, Excel will apply a ____ format to all columns. general
A(n) ____ is a file that stores a collection of related data. database
____ is a database program. Access
When the location of a data source is defined as a(n) ____ location, Excel will access the connection to the data source without prompting you to confirm that the connection is secure. trusted
You relate tables to one another by using ____ fields. common
When you want to look only at specific information from a database, you create a(n) ____. query
In response to a(n) ____, a database displays the records and fields that meet the question's requirements. query
A(n) ____ might ask something like, "What are the names of all the stocks in the portfolio, and what are their corresponding ticker symbols?" query
If you want to extract only specific records when you query a database, your query would contain ____. criteria
What are possible data sources used to import text data to Excel: (3) dbase, MSAccess database, Excel File
A data ____ is any file that contains the data you want to retrieve. source
The following is a possible data source (three types): ____. databases, text files, other Excel workbooks
The ____ Wizard lets you preview the structure of the database and its contents. query
In the Query Wizard, click the ____ in front of a table name to expand the display of fields in that table. plus sign
To select fields within the Query Wizard, you can ____ the field name and Excel will automatically move it to the list of selected columns in your query. double-click
When you ____ data, you specify which records you want to retrieve using specific criteria. filter
The default folder for queries is the ____ folder on the hard disk. queries
Queries saved in the Queries folder will display on the Queries tab of the ____ dialog box, giving you quick and easy access to your saved queries. choose data source
Microsoft Query is a(n) ____ that includes several tools that allow you to create even more complex queries. office program
If you refresh external data in the ____, you can work on other portions of the workbook as you wait for the data to be retrieved. background
____ has been widely used in database programs, Web programming, and word processing. XML
To create a Web query, you need to know the ____ of the resource (usually a Web page) you are accessing. URL
The ____ is the address of a Web page. URL
The general form of a URL for a file located on your computer will be ____. file:///drive:/path/filename
The ____ formatting only option retrieves the text from a Web query along with simple formatting, but not advanced formatting such as hyperlinks or complicated table structures. rich text
The ____ formatting option retrieves all simple as well as advanced HTML formatting features, including hyperlinks. full HTML
An XML document is structured like a tree in which elements are placed within one another, descending from a common ____ element. root
The name of each element in an XML document is contained in a(n) ____. tag
Clicking a ____ in a worksheet will activate the computer's Web browser to display the Web page associated with that entry. hyperlink
Real-time ____ values from measuring devices and scientific equipment are a possible data source in Excel. data
Once you insert the ____ function into a cell, the value of the cell will display the latest value retrieved from a measuring device. RTD
By using the ____ function along with an add-in program, a scientist or researcher can save hours of data entry time and focus on analysis. RTD
In an XML element, a(n)____ tag marks the end of the data value. closing
In XML, the rules about which elements are required and which are not are stored in a document called the ____. schema
In Excel, the MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes Query allows you to enter up to ___ ticker symbols to retrieve current market values of the stocks. 20
One of the advantages of using XML as a data source is that it allows you to attach, or ____, elements to a specific cell in the workbook. bind
One of the advantages of XML is that the XML author defines what constitutes a valid document. Documents that fail to meet the rules can be rejected by an XML program as invalid, thus ensuring ____. data integrity
To detach an Excel table from its data source, select a cell in the table, click the Table Tools Design tab, and then, in the External Table Data group, click the ____ button. unlink
Databases such as those created in Access are examples of ____ databases which reduce data redundancy and increase data integrity. relational
One way to interact with a database is with a query language. The most popular query language is ____. sql
When Excel imports external data into a PivotTable or PivotChart, the initial table and chart are ____. empty
To manually save a connection to an ODC file, use the Export ____ File button on the Definition tab of the Connection Properties dialog box to specify the name and location of your Office Data Connection file. connection
In order to override Excel so that it always enables data sources and refreshes the connection to the source without prompting, you should define the location of the data sources as ____. trusted location
If you are importing international data from a text file, click the ____ button in Step 3 of the Text Import Wizard to specify a different character for the decimal point and thousands separator. advanced
A ____ is a defined method of retrieving data from an external file. connection
What key should she hold down while resizing the chart so that it is resized proportionately? shift
One user wants to delete a connection to a data source. To do so, select the connection in the list in the Workbook Connections dialog box, and then click the ____ button. remove
A() ____________________ file contains only text and numbers without any formulas, special fonts, graphics, or formatted text. text file
A(n) ____________________ separates one column of data from another. delimiter
To better understand the structure of an XML document, an XML ____________________ can be created that displays the layout of the elements in a schematic diagram. data map
In a(n) ____________________ text file, each column will start at the same location in the file. fixed width
In a delimited text file, the ____________________—usually a space, a comma, or a tab—automatically determines the column break. delimiter
The point at which one column ends and another begins in the Text Import Wizard is called a(n) ____________________ break. column
Data in an XML document is contained within ____________________. elements
XML stands for ____________________. Extensible Markup Language
A(n) ____________________ is a collection of data arranged in rows and columns. table
Each column of a database table, called a(n) ____________________, stores information about a specific characteristic of a person, place, or thing. field
Each row of a database table, called a(n) ____________________, displays a collection of characteristics of a particular person, place, or thing. record
____________________ fields are the fields that appear in more than one table. common
A(n) ____________________ is a question you ask about the data in the database. query
____________________ are the conditions that limit the number of records displayed in the results of a query. criteria
A(n) ____________________ source is any file that contains the data you want to retrieve. data
Data ____________________ can be databases, text files, or other Excel workbooks. sources
URL stands for ____________________. Uniform Resource Locator
Database tables can be inserted directly into PivotCharts and ____________________. pivot tables
When using a Web site as a data source, a(n) ____________________ specifies how data should be retrieved from the Web page and indicates exactly which parts of the Web page should be included and which parts should not be included. web query
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