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Du 1-28

Du 1 Luo Connecting; Meeting w/ Ren, GB, KD channels; Treats hemorrhoids, benefits two lower yin, activates channel and alleviates pain, calms spirit, erectile dysfunction
Du 2 Benefits lumbar region and legs, dispels wind damp
Du 3 Dispels wind damp (arthritis), benefits lumbar region and legs (d/t nerves), regulates lower jiao
Du 4 Clears heat, regulates governing vessel, Tonifies KD yang/mingmen fire, benefits lumbar spine
Mingmen traversing of energy down 7 energy fields to shen
Du 6 Fortify SP and drain damp
Du 7 Benefit middle jiao (GB)
Du 8 Soothes LV, pacifies wind and relieves spasm, calms spirit
Du 9 Fortifies SP, drains damp, regulates middle jiao, treats jaundice, unbinds chest
Du 10 Clear heat and detoxify fire poison (red itchy purulent skin d/o), alleviates cough and wheezing
Du 11 Tonify HT and LU, calms spirit, Clears heat, Pacifies wind
Du 12 Clears heat from LU and HT, Calms spirit, pacifies wind
Du 13 Clears heat, treats malaria, regulates Du mai
Du 14 Meeting point of Du w/ 6 Yang channels of hand and foot, Point of Sea of Qi (brings wei qi to surface); Expels wind and firms exterior, anti-allergy/anti-pyretic/anti-viral, clears heat, treats malaria, tonifies deficiency, pacifies wind, treats sweating
Du 15 Meeting point of Du and Yang Linking vessels; Point of Sea of Qi, Point of sea of marrow; Benefits tongue (treat muteness), nourish brain/clear the mind, eliminates wind, benefits neck and spine
Du 16 Meeting point of Du and Yang Linking vessels, Point of Sea of Marrow, Point of Window of Heaven, Sun Si-miao Ghost point, Nourish sea of marrow (CSF) and brain, eliminates wind, benefits head and neck, calms spirit
Du 17 Eliminates wind and alleviates pain (headache), benefits eyes (vision), calms spirit
Du 18 Pacifies wind, alleviates pain, calms spirit
Du 19 Eliminates wind and alleviates pain, calms spirit
Du 20 Meeting point of Governing vessel w/ UB, GB, SJ, LV, Point of sea of marrow; Pacifies wind, subdues yang, raises yang to counter prolapse, benefits head/sense organs/brain, calms spirit, nourishes sea of marrow
Du 21 [CI: infants], Eliminate wind and treat convulsions, benefit the head
Du 22 [CI: infants], Eliminate wind and treat convulsions, benefit the nose
Du 23 Benefit the nose, eyes, Eliminate windstroke
Du 24 Benefit the brain and calm the spirit
Du 25 Benefits the nose, Reduce alcohol intoxication, restore loss of consciousness
Du 26 [Caution: danger triangle], Restores consciousness, calms spirit, benefits face and nose and expels wind, benefits spine and treats acute lumbar sprain
Du 27 Clear heat, generate fluids, and benefit the mouth, calms the spirit
Du 28 Meeting point of Du w/ Ren and ST channel, Clear heat and benefit the gums
Created by: phdinh33