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HT Location situated in thorax above diaphragm, surrounded by pericardium
HT Functions Circulates blood, Controls vessels, Houses Spirit, Rules spiritual activity
HT Role Emperor; governs vital activity of human body
HT Characteristics Opens into tongue, Manifested in face, body tissue is vessels, body fluid is sweat
HT Element/Emotion Fire/Joy
HT Deficiency types Chronic impairments, congenital deficiency, emotional irritants to damage HT qi and yang and consume HT blood and yin
HT Excessive types Phlegm obstruction, Fire disturbance, Cold accumulation, Blood Stagnation, Qi Congestion
HT common sxs Palpitations, Restlessness, Chest pain, insomnia, excessive dreaming, poor memory, delirium
Heart Qi Regulates rate and rhythm (left ventricular function)
Heart Blood Nourishing (coronary artery)
Heart Yin more calming, peaceful (pulmonary artery)
Heart Yang more energetic, hyperfunction (right ventricular function)
Excessive heat in SI refer to Hyperactivity of HT fire
Deficient cold in SI refer to SP Yang Deficiency
Stagnation of SI Qi refer to Cold accumulating in LV meridians
HT Qi Xu sxs (3) Palpitations (fast), Shortness of breath, Spontaneous sweating; worse w/ physical exertion,
HT Yang Xu = Qi Xu + Cold + Blood Stasis
HT Yang Xu sxs (3) Palpitations (slow), Chest Pain, Cold extremities; weak/deep slow pulse
HT Yang Collapse sxs (5) Sudden/profuse cold sweating, Chest Pain, Cyanosis, Cold Limbs, Disorientation/coma; short/weak/fading pulse, short tongue
HT Yang Collapse in WM MI d/t CHD, CHF, R/L Ventricular failure
HT Qi/Yang Xu Tx Reinforce HT Qi and warm HT Yang
HT Qi/Yang Xu Etiology (3) Prolonged illness/sever disease; Congenital deficiency, Old age
HT Blood/Yin Xu Etiology (3) Blood production problem d/t SP Qi Xu, Blood Loss d/t hemorrhage, Blood Consumption d/t overthinking/worrying, Heat
HT Blood sxs (4) Palpitations (slow), Insomnia, Excessive dreaming, Poor memory; dizziness, sallow face, pale lips
HT Yin Xu sxs (4) Palpitations (fast), Insomnia, Excessive dreaming, Poor memory; five center sensations, afternoon fever, night sweats, flush face
HT Yin Xu in WM Perimenopause (irritability, impatience, insomnia)
HT Blood/Yin Xu Tx Nourish HT Blood/Yin to reinforce the spirit, whole foods diet, blood/yin tonices
Hyperactivity of HT Fire Etiology (3) Mental stress/depression, Exogenic pathogenic factors turning to fire, poor diet (inflammatory diet-coffee/alcohol/smoking/spicy foods)
Hyperactivity of HT Fire sxs (4) Mental restlessness, insomnia, ulceration/pain of mouth/tongue, hot/deep/hesitant/painful yellow urine (bleeding); red face, thirst, body feels warm
Hyperactivity of HT Fire Tx Reducing the Heart Fire via urination and/or BM, drink lots of water
HT Blood Stagnation Etiology (4) Heart Qi and Yang Xu, Smoking cigarettes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure
HT Blood Stagnation Triggers (5) Physical Exertion, Mental Stress, Cold Weather, Excessive Eating, Excessive Sexual Activity
HT Blood Stagnation sxs (1) Intermittent Chest Pain (stabbing/stuffy referring to shoulder/arm, palpitations, cyanosis of face, lips, nails, cold limbs, spontaneous sweating, thready/hesitant/missed-beat, fading pulse
HT Blood Stagnation Tx Reinforcing the HT Yang to move circulation
HT Blood in WM Angina (stable/unstable), MI,
Phlegm Misting the HT/Fire Disturbing the HT Etiology Mental depression resulting in retardation of qi circulation and inability of qi to disperse accumulation of body fluid leading to phlegm
Phlegm Misting HT sxs Depression type (cold, yin, downward direction); depressed/negative mood, poor self esteem/concentration, apathy/hopeless/suicidal, introverted, staring at walls, sleepy, insomnia, low libido, poor appetite/weight gain, loss of consciousness
Phlegm Fire Disturbing HT sxs Manic Type (heat/fire, yang, upward direction), restless/irritable/anxious, offensive/over-confident/extroverted, violent, insomnia/excessive dreams, high libido/energy, big appetite/cravings/weight loss, red face, thirst, constipation/concentrated urine
Phlegm Misting the HT/Fire Disturbing the HT Tx Clear HT and resolve phlegm
KD element/emotion water/fear
KD opens...controls...manufactures...manifests... ears, bones, bone marrow, head hair
KD body fluid thick saliva
KD two yins anus and genitals
KD functions Stores essence, receive qi, dominate human development/reproduction, dominate water meatbolism
Essence types(2) vital substance (DNA/genes), sexual substance (sperm/egg)
KD Yang Xu Failure of vital gate fire
KD Yang Xu Etiology Constitutional Yang Xu, KD weakness in old age, Prolonged illness, or excessive sexual activity
KD Yang Xu Sxs LBP/Weak Knees, Cold aversion, cold limbs, PAD
KD Yang Xu T/P T: pale, flabby w/ white coat; P:deep/weak
KD Yang Xu Sexual/GI sxs Impotence/Infertility, Undigested food/Diarrhea(5am), pitting edema, abd. distention,
KD Yang Xu Tx Warm and reinforce KD Yang
KD Yin Xu Etiology (6) Prolonged illness, Congenital, Excessive sex, Warm/dry medications, Blood Xu, Over-Emotions
KD Yin Xu Sxs LBP/Weak knee joints, Dizziness/Tinnitus, Insomnia w/ excessive dreams (fantasy-nocturnal emissions), yin xu sxs
KD Yin Xu Sexual Sxs Abnormal frequent erection, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emissions, fantasy dreaming (too much thinking); Oligomenorrhea/Amenorrhea, Vaginal Dryness, pain during intercourse leading to low libido
KD Yin Xu T/P T: Dry red w/ little or no coating P: Thready and rapid
KD Yin Xu Tx Nourish KD Yin and Clear deficient heat (estrogen, tofu)
KD Yin Xu in WM Menopause
KD Jing Xu Etiology Congenital inheritance, Deficiency of Acquired nutrition, Excessive sexual activity, prolonged illness
KD Jing Xu Adult Sxs Teeth (loose/loss), Hair (gray/loss), Bones (osteoporosis/arthritis), Sexual Fxn (amenorrhea/infertility/impotence), Brain (senile/dementia)
KD Jing Xu Children Sxs 5 Slows (Standing, Walking, Teething, Hairing, Speaking), 5 Soft (Head/Fontanelles, Neck (unable to lift head), Hands (weak grip), Feet (flop/drag), Muscle weakness)
KD Jing Xu in WM Alzheimers, Premature, Cerebral Palsy, Autism
KD Jing Xu T/P T: Small; P: Thready, weak
KD Jing Xu Tx Tonify KD essence
KD Qi Insecurity Failure to perform function of regulation of discharge of urine and semen
KD Qi Insecurity Etiology Senile debilitation, Juvenile mal-development of KD Qi, Damage from sexual intemperance, Prolonged illness
KD Qi Insecurity Sxs PFADS, lbp/weak knees, poor hearing, frequent dribbling/incontinence, enuresis, nocturia, seminal emission/efflux, premature ejaculation, clear leukorrhagia, miscarriage
KD Qi Insecurity in WM Bladder prolapse, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
KD Qi Insecurity T/P T: pale w/ white coat; P: deep/weak
KD Qi Insecurity Tx Securing KD Qi to regulate semen and urine metabolism
KD Fail to Grasp Qi Failure to hold down qi sent down by LU in respiration
KD Fail to Grasp Qi Etiology Prolonged cough/asthma, LU Xu, damaged KD, other chronic diseases
KD Fail to Grasp Qi Sxs More exhalation/less inhalation, prolonged cough/asthma; SOB d/t exertion, lbp/weak knees, s.sweating, lassitude, lower voice
KD Fail to Grasp Qi T/P T: pale w/ white coat; P: deep/weak
KD Fail to Grasp Qi Acute Sxs Dyspnea, profuse cold sweat, cold extremities, blue face, tachypnea; floating/big pulse w/o root
KD Fail to Grasp Qi w/ Yin Xu sxs Flush face, irritation, dry throat/mouth; red tongue, thready/rapid pulse
KD Fail to Grasp Qi in WM Emphysema, COPD, Asthma
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