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Peds Feeding

Age (months)Eating/Feeding Performance
5-7mos takes cereal or poured baby food from spoon
6-8mos Attempts to hold bottle
6-9mos holds/tries to eat crackers but sucks more than bites, ;consumes soft food that disolves in mouth;grabs at spoon but bangs it or sucks on either end
9-13mos Finger-feeds
12-14mos Dips spoon in food, spoon to mouth, inverts spoon prior to reaching mouth
15-18mos Scoops food w/spoon, brings to mouth
24-30mos Interest in fork, may stab at food, proficient at spoon use.
Feeding Interventions: position appropriately, correct caregiver hand positioning, lip/jaw closure facilitation, inhibit tongue thrust, facilitate swallow/chewing, integrate preventative measures, consider texture of food, consider development of feeding skills
Position appropriately: Neutral pelvic alignment, trunk stability, avoid head extension
Hand positioning of caregiver: index finger longitudinally under lip, middle finger under jaw, thumb on lateral end of mandible
Facilitate lip closure: apply slight upward pressure of index finger under childs lip
Facilitate jaw closure: Firm upper pressure of middle finger under jaw
Inhibit tongue thrust press bowl of spoon downward and hold on tongue
Facilitate swallow: use lip closure, slight downward pressure of spoon on middle aspect of tongue
Facilitate chewing: Place foods such as long soft cooked veggies, between gum/teeth
Integrate preventative measures: Provide firm downward pressure, w/spoon, in middle part of tongue in presence of tonic bite reflex. Prevent tongue retraction to avoid choking, decrease tactile sensitivity prior to feeding (rub tongue/gums/palate, firm pressure)
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