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POFT1309-Chapter 1-3

Administrative Office Procedures

an office, department, or agency that carries out a function of state, local, or national government. Government Entity
the process of defining an organization's long-term mission, assessing the current business environment, anticipating changes in the environment, and developing strategies for achieving the mission. Long-range planning
a form of business that is similar to a for-profit corporation, but generally exempt from income taxes and qualifying as a charitable organization for donors. Nonprofit Corporation
an investor who has purchased stock representing a portion or share of a business (a corporation), also known as a stockholder. Shareholder
the process of defining an organizations long-term mission, assessing the current business environment, anticipating changes in the environment, and developing strategies for achieving the mission. Strategic Planning
a group of independent but interrelated elements that make a unified whole, such as the departments or units in a business. System
a self-employed administrative assistant who works from a virtual office to provide off-site administrative and/or personal assistance to clients. Virtual Assistant
accepted professional behavior in the workplace and at business functions. Business Etiquette
breaking problems or questions down into small parts and examining them to find solutions or reach conclusions. Critical thinking
honest and constructive information from an employer about how well you are doing your job and how you might improve your performance. Feedback
an employee who looks, speaks, writes, and behaves in a manner that reflects well on the employer and on the employee. Professional
belief in yourself and your abilities. Self-confidence
an inner drive to work hard and well. Work Ethic
an obligation to answer to others regarding your behavior, the completion of a task or responsibility, or adherence to a standard. Accountability
the time when you are not accomplishing a specific task. Downtime
a reward or encouragement. Incentive
anything that stands in the way of progress Interference
a good chance, prospect, or timing. Opportunity
something that merits your attention ahead of other tasks. Priority
the act of putting something off that you find difficult or boring. Procrastination
forward movement toward a goal. Progress
your own control over what you do, as well as how and when you do it. Self-discipline
the worry and anxiety you feel when you react to pressure from others or yourself. Stress
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