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Featherston 6

To approve the minutes without having them read: requires the rules to be suspended.
When a draft of the minutes of the preceding meeting is sent to all members: they are not read unless requested to be read.
Minutes to be published should contain: All of the above are correct.
If members abstain from voting: an explaination of the reasons for not voting is not required, nor allowed.
After completion of an election, the ballots: can be ordered to be destroyed by a majority vote.
Without a special rule, during debate on a highly controversial issue, the vote required for the assembly to order: the vote to be taken by signed ballot is a majority vote.
If a committee is appointed to approve the minutes: the minutes are not read at the next meeting.
When voting machines are to be used: have a machine available for the voters' inspection on a day previous to the election.
The society can order the minutes of the board of directors to be produced and read to the assembly by a: All of the above are correct.
The record book(s) in which the bylwas and any amendments thereto are entered is kept by the: secretary.
The treasurer can disburse funds: only by authority of the society or as the bylaws prescribe.
When the committee sets an adjourned meeting: it is advisable to notify absent members of the adjourned meeting.
Ordinary committee are: standing and special committees.
A special committee: that has not reported, ceases to exist when new officers assume their duties at the next annual meeting.
The presiding officer of an assembly should be chosen principally for his/her: ability to preside.
In a legislative or public body that has the power to penalize or compel the attendance of its members, the sergeant-at-arms may have the duty of: arresting absent members in the event of a call of the house.
A popular motion has been placed before the assembly and is being debated. Which of the following members who rise and address the chair should be assigned the floor? The maker of the motion who has not already spoken.
In an election in which no candidate recieved a majority on the first ballot: leave all names on all succeeding ballots.
If the assembly wishes to adjourn before an election is complete: an adjouned meeting should be provided for to complete the election.
If the tellers' report of an election shows that there have been more ballots cast than there are eligible voters present: if the results of the election would not be affected, the vote could stand.
When the vice-president presides in the absence of the president, how is he/she addressed? Mister/Madame President.
The vice-president was presiding in the absence of the president. A motion was adopted that the president appoint a committee of three. How is the committee named? The president appoints the committee.
which of the following forms of voting may not be chosen by the chair without a rule or order of the assembly? A ballot vote.
A motion that was considered and adopted without having been seconded: is valid.
A member has the right to change his vote: up to the time the results are finally announced.
If a society must deal with a problem that has intensely divided the organization, it may be able to accomplish more under the chairmanship of an invited nonmember who is skilled in presiding. Such an arrangement can be made: with the approval of the assembly if the president and vice-president concur.
Special committees are called on to report: in the order of their appointment.
An office carries with it only the rights necessary for executing the duties of the office, however: a member holding office is not deprived of his rights as a member.
When a board or sommittee reports on a matter that was referred to it, regardless of whether the matter was referred as a pending question or as a subject on which no question was pending, the following motion cannont be applied to its consideration: objection to the consideration of a question.
What is the relative rank of the five different kinds of committees? Committee of the whole, quasi committee of the whole, informal consideration, standing committee, special committee
If those resoponding to a roll call vote do not total a sufficient number to constitute a quorum: the secretary enters the names of enough members who are present but did not vote to reflect the attendance of a quorum during the vote.
It is not proper to have a ballot which allows voting for or against a nominated candidate because: an election is a vote on filling a blank and voters must either vote for a nominee or write in a candidate.
What rules should be used if the attendance at a board meeting varies? Follow the same established rules regardless of how many members are present.
In an appeal from the decision of the chair: the chair can vote to create a tie.
When voting on a question, if there is onlu one member voting in the negative, that member: does not have the right to explain his vote.
A recommendation in a committee report: should be moved by the reporting member.
If it is voted to dispense with the reading of the minutes: They can be ordered to be read by a majority vote at an later time during the meeting.
If the auditor's report consists only of an endorsement on the financial report to the effect that it has been found correct: the treasurer can simply read out this certification as he concludes his report.
If the teelers are uncertian as to how to credit a vote, the decision is made by the: assembly.
In a small group, a show of hands is an alternate method that can be used: A and B are correct.
Every member who has an opinion on a question should express it by vote: but cannot be compelled to vote.
If the chair is in doubt on a voice vote or a show of hands: he may retake the vote by a rising counted vote at his own instance.
In all but small assemblies, while a counted vote is being taken: a member cannont enter or leave the hall.
By modifying the concepts of a majority vote and a two-thirds vote, other bases for determining avoting result can be defined. which of the following enter into the definition of such modifications? A and B are correct.
The decision to vote on a questionby ballot, may be made by: a majority vote.
When an assembly uses "voters' cards": the authorization of the use of voters cards depends on expected conditions in the meeting.
When the vote is by ballot, the presiding officer, if a member of the society: can always vote at the time when other members do.
In recording ballots cast, the tellers should follow this procedure: a blank ballot folded with a filled-out ballot is one vote for the candidate on the filled-out ballot.
Ballots are counted as illegal: if cast for a fictional character.
When the vice-president presides and the president is also on the platform, how is the vice-president addressed? Mister/Madam Vice-President.
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