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Basic Years-People

another list of important people and years for SS11

1903 Alaska Boundary Dispute
1914 World War One Begins
1916 Women get the vote in most of Canada
1917 Vimy Ridge
1918 World War One Ends
1929 Stock Market Crash
1935 On to Ottawa Trek
1939 Start of WWII -Poland invaded
1940 France is defeated
1941 England is attacked later the USSR
1942 Dieppe Raid
1943 Stalingrad Battle
1944 D-Day or Normandy invasion or Operation Overlord
1945 End of WWII and start of Cold War.
1948 Berlin Blockade
1949 NATO formed and Soviets get the nuke and Communist China established!
1950 Korean War
1956 Suez Crisis - Lester Pearson?
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
1964 Vietnam War - Americans enter the war
1980 Quebec Referendum on separation
1982 Canada brings home or patriates the constitution, also we get our Canadian Rights and Freedoms Act.
1989 End of Cold War - Berlin Wall opened, USSR gone! later Tiananmen Square
1987 Meech Lake Accord
1991 Gulf War
1992 Charlottetown Accord
1992-95 Bosnian War with Serbs, Croats, Bosnians
1994 Rwanda War with Hutu after the Tutsis
Macphail, Agnes was the only woman in Canada to be elected to the House of Commons in 1921, the first year in which women had the vote
Wilfred Laurier PM turn of century
Emily Carr artist Group of Seven
Mackenzie King Liberal PM for almost 22 years in the 20's 30's and 40's
RB Bennett Conservative PM 1930-35 "New Deal",
J.S. Woodsworth founder of CCF
William Aberhart Bible Bill, Social Credit
Mussolini Italian Fascist leader WWII
Hitler German Fascist leader WWII
Stalin Soviet Communist leader WWII
Churchil British leader WWII
Roosevelt American leader WWII
John Diefenbaker Conservative PM 1957-63 , cancelled Avro Arrow
John Kennedy American president during Cuban Missile Crisis
Fidel Castro Cuban communist president during Cuban Missile Crisis
Khrushchev Soviet Communist leader during Cuban Missile Crisis.
Pierre Trudeau - Liberal PM in 60's, 70's and 80's. - Official Languages Act, Canada Constitution,
Brian Mulroney Conservative PM in 80's and 90's - Free Trade
Tommy Douglas introduced Medicare in Sask.
Terry Fox (July 28, 1958 – June 28, 1981) was a Canadian humanitarian, athlete, and cancer treatment activist. He became famous for the Marathon of Hope, a cross-Canada run to raise money for cancer research, running with one prosthetic leg.
Jean Chrétien Liberal PM, 1993-2003
James Cross British diplomat in Canada who was kidnapped and later released by the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) terrorist group during the October Crisis of October 1970.
Pierre Laporte Canadian politician was kidnapped and murdered by the FLQ.
Rene Levesque Parti Québécois or PQ leader
Chief Dan George Salish chief and actor
Created by: kstokowski
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