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chapter 11 terms

chapter 11 vocabulary

assured forwarding a forwarding specification
af allows routers to assign data streams one of several priorization levels
analog telephone adapter an internal or external adapter that converts analog telephone signals into packet switched voice signals and vice versa
differentiated service a technique for ensuring quality of service by prioritizing traffic
expediated forwarding a forwarding specification that assigns each data stream a minimum departure rate from a given node
ef technique circimvents delays that slow normal data from reaching its destination on time and in sequence
endpoint any client server or gateway communicating on the network
fax gateway translate IP fax data into analog fax data and vice versa
fax gateway emulate and interpret conventional fax signaling protocols when communicating with a conventional fax machine
fax over ip a service that transmits faxes over tcp/ip network
h.225 session layer call signaling protocol
h.225 responsible for call or videoconferencing setup between two nodes on a VoIP network, indicating node status, requesting additional bandwith and call termionation
h.245 a session layer control protocol
h.245 responsible for controlling a session between two nodes
h.323 describes an architecture and a suite of protocols for establishing and managing multimedia services sessions on a packet switched network
h.323 gatekeeper authorize and authenticate terminals and gateways,manage bandwith,and oversee call routing,accounting and billing
h.323 gateway a gateway that provides translation between network devices running h.323 signaling protocols and devices running other types of signaling protocols
h.323 terminal any node that provides audio visual or data information to another node
h.323 zone collection of h.323 terminals,gateways,and mcus that are managed by a single h.323 gatekeeper
internet telephony the provisions of telephone service over the internet
ip-pbx a private switch that accepts and interprets both analog and digital voice signalsconnects with both traditional pstn lines and data networks
ip-pbx transmits and receives ip based voice signals to and from other network connectivity devices,routers and gateways
ip telephone designed to transmit and receive only digital signals.used for VoIP on a tp/ip based networks
ip television a serivce in which tv signals from broadcast or cable networks travel over packet switch networks
multipoint controlunit a computer that provides support for multiple h.323 terminals, for ex several workstations participating in videoconferencing, and manages communication between them. also known as video bridge
media gateway a gateway capable of accepting connections from multiple devices ,for example ip telephones,fax machines,
media gateway controller a computer that manages mu,tiple media gateways and facilitates the exchange of call information between these gateways
media gateway control protocol used for communication between media gateway controllers and media gateways
mgcp defined in rfc 2507, the most popular media gateway control protocol used on converged networks
private branch exchange a telephone switch used to connect calls within a private organization
proxy server a server thataccepts requests for location information from user agents, then queries the nearest registrar server on behalf of those user agents
redirect server a server that accepts and responds to requests from user agents and sip proxy servers for location information on recipients that belong to external domains
registrar server a server that maintains a database containing information about the locations(network addressses) of each user agent in its domain.when a user agent joins the network it transmits its location information to the sip registrar server
resource reservation protocol a QoS technique that attempts to reserve a specific amount of network resources for a transmission before the transmission occurs
real time transport protocol a transport layer protocol used with voice and video transmission.operates on top of udp and provides information about packet sequence to help receiving nodes detect delay and packet loss.
real time transport protocol assigns packets a timestamp that corresponds to when the data in the packet was sampled from the voice or video stream.this timestamp helps the receiving node synchronize incoming data
set top box a device that decodes digital video signals and issues them to the tv.also communicate with content servers to manage video delivery
signaling the exchange of information between the components of a network or system for the purposes of establishing,monitoring, or releasing connections as well as controlling system operations
session initiation protocol a protocol suite codified by the ietf,in rfc 2543, as a set of session layer signaling and control protocols for multiservice,packet based networks.performs much the same functions as the h.323 signaling protocols perform.
sip was developed as a more efficient alternative to h.323 ,before h.323 was revised to expedite its call setup functions.
softphone a computer configured to act like an IP telephone.present the caller with a graphical representation of a telephone dial pad and can connect to a network via a LAN,wan,ppp dial-up connection or leased line
signaling system 7 set of standards established by the itu for handling call signaling on the public switched telephone network
streaming video a service in which video signals are compressed and delivered over the internet in a continuous stream so that a user can watch and listen even before all the data has been transmitted
toll bypass a cost saving benefit that results from organizations completeing long distance telephone calls over their packet switched networks,bypassing tolls charges by common carriers on comparable pstn calls
unified messaging the centralized management of multiple types of network based communications,such as voice,video and fax
user agent a user agent client or user agent server
user agent client end user devices such as workstation,cell phones.initiates a sip connection
user agent server a server that responds to user agents requests for session initiation and termination
video on demand a service in which a video stored as an encoded file is delivered to a viewer upon his request
video over ip any type of video service,video conferencing,and streaming video,that delivers video signals over packet switched networks using the tcp/ip protocol suite
video phone a type of phone that includes a screen and can decode compressed video and interpret transport and signaling protocols necessary for conducting videoconference sessions.
videoconferencing the real time reception and transmission of images and audio among two or more locations
voice over atm
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