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Chapter 3

Analyzing Literature

genre a type of literature that can be distinguished from other types by technique, tone, subject matter, and use of literary devices
Four main genres are? fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama
nonfiction writing based on facts rather than imagination
essay a type of nonfiction that is written to briefly examine a single topic or argue a specific point
biography a type of non fiction that tells the story of a person's life written by someone else
autobiography a type of nonfiction that tells the story of a person's life and is written by that person.
speech a speech conveys important information verbally and falls under the category of non fiction
fiction writing that includes made up stories, events, and people
What are a few genres of fiction? fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction, suspense, etc.
short stories thes are works that tell a complete story in just a few pages
novella is like a very long story or a short novel
novel any long fictional story written in prose; usually divided into chapters
legend a type of fiction that can appear in either a short story or a novel and is typically a story passed down through generations that tells about the life of a hero
myth a type of fiction that takes the form of a traditional story that was, at one time, accepted as history. It seeks to explain views of a people about the world and life.
folktales and fables another type of fiction, considered traditional tales that are handed down orally and often contain magical events or talking animals as characters
poetry writing that creatively expresses feelings, experiences, or ideas by using words chosen for their sounds as implied meanings and by using literary devices such as meter and rhyme
narrative poetry a type of poetry that tells a story
epic is an ancient form of narrative poetry that is usually very long and about a serious subject
dramatic poetry is a kind of mixture of drama and poeetry.
lyric poem does not attempt to tell a story but rather communicates a feeling or a state of mind to the reader
rhyme the pattern of repeated end sounds in words
alliteration a pattern of several words beginning ith the same consonant used closely together, kind of like a tongue twister
assonance similar to alliteration, but uses the combination of like-sounding vowel sounds
drama the acted performance of a story that involves action and dialogue between its characters
tragedies these are plays that often end in sadness
shakespearean tragedies a type of drama and tragedy that depicts a protagonist who was once at a high place in society who falls from grace
comedies a light hearted work that attempts to amuse the audience and lift the spirits
dialogue the conversation between two characters in a written or acted out work
monologue a speech given by one character, it is usually a lengthy speech and is typically given to other characters; sometimes the character speaks directly to the audience
aside a short comment or observation made by a character directly to the audience
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