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SQL Chapters 1-4

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Chapters 1-4

Which is the main tool used on a QL Server to manage databases? SQL Server Management Studio
Which tool is used to run a query on a database? sQL Server Management Studio
Which component within the SQL Management Studio allows you to look at databases, tables, and views? Object Browser
What tools do you use to start and stop Windows Services and enable and disable network protocols? SQL Server Configuration Manager
What enables you to query metadata aout SQL Server database objects? catalog view
What returns information about the databases and database objects? system stored procedures
What routines help you maintain your database? DBCC
What is a specification for the way SQL Server stores data in a table? data type
What stores you data and is organized as rows and columns? table
What do you call data types that users define? Alias data types
What is the maximum number of length of characters for a char data type? 8,000
What can restrict the type of data that can be inserted? data type
Which data type is used to contain a 1 or 0 value? bit
Which data type should be used to hold values of taxes collected? money
Which data type is used to store large numbers with decimal point values? float
How many bytes does TinyInt use? 1
How many bytes does SmallInt use? 2
How many bytes is a single character (char) data type? 1
Which is the preferred method to create a SQL Alias Types? CREATE TYPE
How large is a page? 8 KB or 8,192 bytes
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