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Joint Movements

Joint/ MovementDescription
Flexion bending parts at a joint to decrease the angle.
Extension straightening parts at a joint to increase the angle.
Hyperextension extension beyond the anatomical position.
Abduction movement away from the midline of the body.
Adduction movement towards the midline of the body.
Circumduction motion that describes a circular, cone-shaped pattern.
Rotation movement of a bone or part around its axis.
Medial internal
Lateral external
Protraction/Retraction moving a part forward on a parallel plane, like a chicken’s head moving when he walks. Moving away from midline and towards midline (respectively).
Neck-Flexion nod forward w/head.
Neck-Extension can’t happen w/out flexion of neck 1st.
Neck-Hyperextension leaning head backwards.
Neck-Rotation (l/r) nodding head “no”.
Neck-Lateral (l/r) ear touches shoulder.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Scapular elevation shrug shoulders upwards.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Scapular depression relaxing of shrugged shoulders.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Protraction shoulders forward, hugging yourself.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Retraction moving shoulders back to normal position, release yourself from hug.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Upward/downward rotation shoulder blades move up/down, chicken dance.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Flexion “Hitler wave”
Shoulder(Scapular)-Extension bring arm back down to side from “Hitler wave”
Shoulder(Scapular)-Hyperextension when arm is at your side, bring arm backwards, “butterfly” swim stroke.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Abduction when arm is at side, bring arm away from midline of body.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Adduction bring arm back towards midline of body.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Horizontal abduction hold arms vertically in front of you; swing them horizontally (capitol letter “T” with arms).
Shoulder(Scapular)-Horizontal adduction start with “T” arms and swing them horizontally back in front of you.
Shoulder(Scapular)-External rotation “scarecrow” arms up.
Shoulder(Scapular)-Internal rotation “scarecrow” arms down.
Elbows-Flexion bicep curl up.
Elbows-Extension relax bicep curl.
Forearm(elbows at 90°)-Supination from palms down to palms up. “soup for you”
Forearm(elbows at 90°)-Pronation from palms up to palms down. “NO soup for you”
Wrist-Flexion (palmar flexion) arms in front, “broken” or “relaxed” wrist
Wrist-Extension (dorsiflexion) arms in front, “stop” (in the name of love)
Wrist-Radial deviation hand waves towards thumb (radial) side. Less movement made on radial side.
Wrist-Ulnar deviation hand waves towards pinky (ulnar) side. More movement can be made on ulnar side.
Finger-Flexion make a fist.
Finger-Extension relax your fist.
Finger-Abduction spread fingers apart.
Finger-Adduction bring them back together. Making a “scoop” hand.
Finger-Opposition touching thumb to each individual finger on same hand.
Trunk-Flexion bow down at hips, Chinese bow
Trunk-Extension stand up straight from bow.
Trunk-Hyperextension from standing position, bend backwards at waist.
Trunk-Rotation (l/r) keeping legs stiff, turn body from the waist up l/r.
Trunk-Lateral (l/r) keeping legs stiff, lean body side-to-side from the waist up.
Hip-Flexion raise straight leg in front of you.
Hip-Extension bring leg back to normal standing position.
Hip-Hyperextension raise straight leg behind you.
Hip-Abduction from standing position, bring leg away from midline of body.
Hip-Adduction return leg back to standing position.
Hip-Internal rotation (medial rotation) pigeon toed.
Hip-External rotation (lateral rotation) duck feet.
Knee-Flexion standing up straight, bend knee, like squatting down.
Knee-Extension straighten knee back out, standing back up from squat.
Ankle-Plantar flexion point toes.
Ankle-Dorsiflexion flex toes, calf stretches.
Ankle-Inversion (pronation) step on inside of feet.
Ankle-Eversion (supination) step on outside of feet.
Ankle-Circumduction rotating ankle clockwise or counterclockwise.
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