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computer lessons

Computer Class-Access

What is a DATABASE A database is a collection of related information
What are examples of databases A telephone directory, a library's card catalog, and even a television program guide are examples of database
What objects are include database Database objects include tables, queries, forms, and reports
What do we call the table's row Record
What do we call the table's column Field
When will you use QUERY When you want to view, extract, or analyze data in your database, you perfom a query
When will you use FORM Use a form to enter or display data in a database
When will you use REPORT When you want to print a query or a table, you create report
What does a View/Design button look like? It looks like rulers and a pencial
What does a Print Preview butom look like It looks like a paper with a magnifier
What does a Print button look like It looks like a printer
What does a Datasheet button look like It look like a paper with lines
Where is the navigation button located It is on the bottom left coner
What does the New Record button lood like It look like a arrow pointing a star thing
What does TABLES, QUERIES, FORMS and REPORTS symbol looks like tables looks like paper with lines queries looks like 2 papers with lines roems looks like itself--form reports looks like a green book
Created by: Aprillin