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Q1 Vocabulary

vocabulary from the first quarter of English 10G

sidle move sideways, especially in a sneaky or shy manner
furtive trying not to be seen
cowering drawing back in fear
oppress persecute; keep down by unjust use of power
doctrines principles, teachings, beliefs
rifling searching thoroughly in a rough manner
sultry hot and humid
persistent continuing
diversion something that distracts the attention
resolute determined
petulant impatient; irritable; peevish
deplorably very badly
conviction strong belief; certainty
retort sharp reply
assail to attack
harassing bothering or troubling
dismantled took apart
vintage dating from a time long past
ebony dark or black
sarcastic mocking; taunting
relics objects or things from the past with special meanings
denizens inhabitants or occupants
pensive dreamily thoughtful
dubious doubtful; not sure
antipathy hatred; deep and powerful dislike
filial pertaining or due from a son or daughter
surreptitiously sneakily
conspicuous obvious or easy to see
concussion powerful shock or impact
luminous glowing; giving off light
quizzical puzzled; questioning
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