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chapt 3 cables

networking cables

10Base2 Thin Coaxial 185 meters BNC Physical bus 803.2a
10BaseT Category 3, 4, 5 twisted pair 100 meters RJ-45 Physical star
10BaseFL Fiber-optic 2000 meters SC/ST Physical star
100BaseTX Category 5 UTP 100 meters RJ-45 Physical Star 802.3u
100BaseFX Category 3, 4, 5 UTP 100 meters RJ-45 Physical Star 802.3u
FDDI Fiber Optic Twisted Pair (CDDI) 2000 meters SC, ST Dual Ring ANSI FDDI
1000BaseLX Multimode/Single-mode fiber 550/multimode 5000/Single-mode Fiber connectors 802.3z
1000BaseSX Multimode fiber 550 meters with 50 micron multimode fiber Fiber connectors 802.3z
1000BaseCX Sheilded Twisted Pair 25 meters 9-pin shielded connector 8-pin fiber channel type 2 connector 802.3z
1000BaseT UTP Category 5 75 meters 75 meters 802.3ab
10GBBaseSR Baseband 33m / 300m 50 micron / 62.5 micron multimode Fiber connectors 802.3ae
10GBBaseLR Baseband 10000 meters Single-mode fiber Fiber connectors 802.3ae
10GBBaseER Baseband 40000 meters Single-mode fiber Fiber connectors 802.3ae
Category 1 of Unshielded twisted pair Voice Only (Telephone Wire)
Category 2 of Unshielded twisted pair Data to 4 Mbps (LocalTalk)
Category 3 of Unshielded twisted pair Data to 10 Mbps (Ethernet)
Category 4 of Unshielded twisted pair Data to 20 Mbps (16 Mbps Token Ring)
Category 5 of Unshielded twisted pair Data to 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet)
10BaseT Unshielded Twisted Pair 100 meters
10Base2 Thin Coaxial 185 meters
10Base5 Thick Coaxial 500 meters
10BaseF Fiber Optic 2000 meters
bnc coaxial connectors
baseband form of transmission in which digital signals are sent thru direct current pulses applied to the wire.transmit only one signal or channel at a time
Cat 3 form of utp;four wire pairs that carry up to 10 mb; possible bandwidth of 16 mhz
Cat 5 form of utp; four wire pairs;supports up to 100Mbps;100 mhz signal rate
cat 5e support a signaling rate of up to 350 mhz;high quality copper wires
cat 6 four wire pairs each wrapped in foil insulation;support a signaling rate of 250 mhz
cat 6a capable of 500 mhz signaling rate and transmit data at a multi-gigabit per second rate
Created by: cgeaski