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Tumble Forms 6

Pediatric Tumble Forms

Tumble FormPurpose/Activities
Vestibulator II: Net Swing Prone in net w/both hands together. Child then pushesself w/both hands to begin back/forth movement. Therapist suspends a ball in front of child while they attempt to get it.
Vestibulator II: Net Swing Prone in net, have them pick up bean bags off floor, one at a time, using both hands they toss bags at a target.
Vestibulator II: Net Swing Child prone in net, push self in a circle, crossing hands in front of self. Hand over hand sequence.
Vestibulator II: Net Swing Lie in net, push self back/forth w/both hands togethr. Therapist stands in front holding 1 end of a towel. Child tries 2 get free end of towel/climb hand over hand 2 othr end. When it's reached, they hold on/maintain as long as poss. Then release 4 a ride
Vestibulator II: Net Swing Sit cross-legged in net, therapist pushes child in linear/circular patterns. DONT impose stimulaton on child. They must be allowed to determine intensity and duratin of this act.
Sensory Integraion (SI) Therapy (def) is organization of sensory information for on-going use. Used for vestibular stimulation.
Vestibular Integration is the _____ Core of sensory integration therapy
Vestibular Integration provides ______ powerful input, which affects not just the vestibular system, but most other systems (isual, auditory, proprioceptive) through connecting structures.
Therapy is most effective when child _____ is able to choose their own equipment/activities.
SI Therapy: Flexion Swing Provides linear/orbital movement through space/hugs the upright bolster portion of swing.
SI Therapy: Feeder Seat Swing Provides linear movement through space for the multiply handicapped who isn't usually able to have this experience. They're therapeutically positioned/supported in Seat which is secured in net hammock.
SI Therapy: Bolster Swing (3 positions) Provides linear/orbital movement through space while child sits stradled over swing wit hands flat on swing in front of them.
SI Therapy: Bolster Swing (3 positions) Provides linear/orbital movement through space while child sits stradled over swing holding onto support straps.
SI Therapy: Bolster Swing (3 positions) Provides linear/orbital movement through space while child lies prone on swing w/arms & legs together and head is flat against surface of swing.
Vestibulator II: Platform Swing Provides linear/orbital movement through space while child is quadraped, sitting or kneeling on platform.
Vestibulator II: Platform Swing (Act 1) Child maintains quadraped position on platform while moving through space
Vestibulator II: Platform Swing (Act 2) Sitting cross-legged, attempt to maintain balance while catching bean bags/tossing them to various targets using both hands.
Vestibulator II: Platform Swing (Act 3) Kneel on platform/play various bean bag games w/him while he attempts to maintain his balance.
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