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SPD Fundamentals

What are the six types of environmental hazards? Physical, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biological, and Fire
What are the four types of communication? 1. Spoken 2. Non-Verbal 3. Written 4. Listening
What types of disaster relates to events within the broader community which may result in a sudden and massive influx of patients? External Disasters
What term refers to the order in which medical or surgical items are received, processed and dispensed for patient use? Workflow
What types of disasters are unique to a facility (such as bomb threats, fires, EtO spills, floods)? Internal Disasters
What is the difference between a policy and a procedure? Policies are general guidelines for action Procedures are specific steps for performing a task.
What do you call the process designed to improve quality of products and services provided? CQI – Continual Quality Improvement
That traffic must be controlled to insure inspections go from dirty to clean areas is part of what type of “flow”? People flow
What process uses a ventilation system to insure air circulates from clean areas into more dirty ones? Air flow
What pressure is the Decontamination Area kept in relation to clean areas? Negative
Risks posed by deadly pathogens such as viruses and bacteria are part of what environmental hazard? Biological Hazards
Knowledge of escape routes and the locations of extinguishers and call boxes are used to prepare for what types of hazards? Fire Hazards
Keeping work materials within easy access and setting tables to the correct height may decrease what types of hazards? Physical Hazards
Forbidding the use of extension cords and replacing cords as they fray or crack helps to prevent what types of hazards? Electrical Hazards
Conducting in-service education on all automated equipment helps prevent these types of hazards? Mechanical Hazards
Knowing the proper instructions for reconstituting a dilution of enzymatic cleaner helps avoid what types of hazards? Chemical Hazards
Which two environmental hazards can be severely diminished by proper use of PPE? 1. Chemical Hazards 2. Biological Hazards
What is the single most important method of preventing cross contamination? Hand Washing
Instead of the word “disaster” some facilities use what as a substitution? PICE – Potential Injury-Creating Event
SPD may be asked to deliver a great quantity of supplies to deal with a large external disaster to what type of area? Triage
To whom should all injuries and accidents be immediately reported? Supervisor
A description of corrective action to prevent a recurrence of an accident is required usually as part of what document? Incident Report
In addition to revealing potentially unsafe work practices, this report is also needed for worker’s compensation purposes. Incident Report
This type of foot ware should be avoided due to risks it presents for injury. Opened-toed shoes
Important first words when answering the telephone should be a greeting, the department reached and what else? Your full name
To make sure you understand what a caller is trying to convey, you should do what at the end of a phone conversation? Repeat the message
When disposable supplies are received, what should take place prior to bringing anything into the department? Remove from exterior shipping cartons
Crossing arms or legs may signal disinterest or disagreement with a speaker and is form of what type of communication? Non-Verbal
Written communication should be specific, accurate and what else? Brief
Where would you find information detailing procedures for cleaning up a peracetic acid spill? MSDS
What does MSDS stand for? Material Safety Data Sheet
Limiting conversations concerning patient information to only what’s needed to perform job function safeguards what? Privacy
What areas make up a sterile processing department? Decontamination Processing Sterilization Sterile Storage & Distribution
Decontamination, reprocessing, sterilization and distribution of reusable patient care supplies are the function of what department? Sterile Processing Department
What body system’s functions include giving the body shape and support, protecting vital organs, and storing calcium? Skeletal System
What tough but elastic connective tissue helps provide a framework to the body? Cartilage
What is the difference between a tendon and a ligament? Tendons attach muscle to bone Ligaments connect one bone to another bone
What do you call the place where two bones meet? Joints
What operation replaces the bones at the end of the femur and proximal end of the tibia to allow continued motion of the knee? Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA)
What surgery replaces the head of the femur and where it fits in the acetabulum with ceramic or plastic components? ORIF – Open Reduction Internal Fixation
What types of muscles create movement by applying force to bones and joints via contraction? Skeletal Muscles
What types of muscles, when contracting, propel blood throughout the circulatory system? Cardiac Muscles
What type of muscles allow for involuntary actions such as breathing? Smooth Muscles
What type of procedure repairs a tear in the tendons and muscles that hold your shoulder joint together? Rotator Cuff Repair
What type of procedure repairs a weakness in the abdominal wall through which inner tissue is pushing through? Herniorrhaphy (hernia)
What body system stores learned information based on past experience that can later be recalled at will? Nervous System
What body system controls all body activities and allows us to respond to stimuli? Nervous System
What portion of nervous system includes the nerves that extend to the limbs and sense organs? Peripheral Nervous System
What portion of the nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord? Central Nervous System
What surgery opens the skull to facilitate access to the brain? Craniotomy
What are the five sense organs? 1. Eyes 2. Ears 3. Nose 4. Tongue 5. Skin
What body system releases hormones that regulate metabolism and tissue function? Endocrine System
What surgery removes a lens in the eye which has become cloudy and stiff with a man-made lens? Cataract Extraction
What glands close to the kidneys secretes epinephrine in response to stress, anger or fear? Adrenal Gland
What gland of the endocrine system secretes hormones which influence growth and maturation? Pituitary Gland
The surgical procedure known as a thyroidectomy effects what system of the body most clearly? Endocrine System
What gland, near the stomach, secretes digestive fluids into the intestine as well as produces the hormone insulin? Pancreas
What reproductive glands produce sperm and the androgens? The Testes
What body system produces the hormones that influence the development of masculine and feminine characteristics? Reproductive System
During what procedure are the fallopian tubes burned shut, cut or closed with a type of clip to prevent future pregnancy? Tubal Ligation
What hollow, muscular organ in females is where embryo development occurs? Uterus
What body system filters waste products out of the blood and eliminates them from the body? Urinary System
What surgical procedure involves vagina dilation and the scraping of the walls of the uterus? D & C (Dilation & Curettage)
What bean-shaped organs regulate fluid balance in the body and filter out waste from the blood in the form of urine? Kidneys
In what muscular and membranous sac is urine retained until discharge from the body? Urinary Bladder
What body system does a Nephrectomy most clearly affect? Urinary System
Through what duct does urine pass from the bladder to the outside of the body? Urethra
What is the tube that connects the mouth and nasal passages with the esophagus? Pharynx
What body system supplies the oxygen necessary for the production of energy? Repertory System
What saclike organs remove carbon dioxide from the blood and provide it with oxygen? Lungs
What tube is the principal passage for conveying air to and from the lungs? Trachea
What narrow, winding upper part of the intestines is where digestion is completed? Small Intestines
What muscular membranous tube passes food from the pharynx to the stomach? Esophagus
What weight loss surgery makes the stomach smaller using bands, clips or staples so that patients feel fuller sooner? Gastric Bypass
What lower section of the intestines absorbs water from digested materials and solidifies feces? Large Intestines
What body system delivers nutrients and oxygen to body cells and carries away harmful waste products? Circulatory System
What surgery removes the gallbladder through an incision in the abdomen? Cholecystectomy
What is the difference between arteries and veins? Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart Veins carry blood towards the heart
What fluid consists of plasma in which red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are suspended? Blood
What chamber of the heart receives blood from one or more atria and pumps it into the arteries? Ventricle
What chamber of the heart receives blood from veins and forces it into a ventricle? Atria
What surgery repairs a ballooning out of the wall of the aorta by excising it and replacing the injured portion with a man-made graft? Abdominal Aortic Aneurysmectomy (AAA)
What procedure removes swollen veins in the rectum or anus either internal or external in nature? Hemorrhoidectomy
What three main groups are bacteria divided into by shape? 1. Spherical (cocci) 2. Rods (bacilli) 3. Spirals (spirochetes)
What protein found in the chromosomes of a cell nucleus is the basis of all heredity? DNA
What kinds of microorganisms are frequently transmitted by the bite of insects such as lice, bedbugs and ticks? Rickettsiae
What causes Creuzfeld-Jakob Disease? Prions
What is the name for the friendly microorganisms that populate the body and aid it in performing certain functions? Flora
What the common name for the fungal condition known as tinea pedis? Athletes Foot
What very tiny, molecular particles are simply self-replicating proteins and contain no DNA? Prions
What is the “Control Center” or “Brain” of a cell? The Nucleus
While vaccination is the most common way to prevent viral disease, this is hindered because they tend to do this over time? Mutate
What color do gram-negative bacteria stain? Pink or Red
What color do gram-positive bacteria stain? Purple or Blue
What type of bacteria cannot live in the presence of air? Anaerobic
What are the structures within cells with specific and vital functions? Organelles
To what large grouping of microorganisms do amoebas belong? Protozoa
What minute hair-like organelle similar to flagella beat in rhythmic waves to provide movement for certain cells? Cilia
Two meters of this carrier of genetic information fits inside a nucleus. DNA
What identification system is used to identify bacterial by the color they stain? GRAM
What type of microorganism, such as viruses, must live inside another cell to survive? Obligatory intracellular parasites
What does FDA stand for? The Food and Drug Administration
What does OSHA stand for? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What does AAMI stand for? The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
What does CDC stand for? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
What organization was once known by the acronym JCAHO? The Joint Commision
What does EPA stand for? The Environmental Protection Agency
What does ANSI stand for? American National Standards Institute
What does AORN stand for? Association of Peri-Opperative Registered Nurses
What does ISO stand for? International Standards Organization
What does APIC stand for? Asssociation for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology
What regulatory agency watches over biologics and blood products? FDA
What regulatory agency is responsible for work-related injuries? OSHA
OSHA sets employee exposure limits to EtO gas. What agency regulates its manufacture and emissions standards? EPA
What government organization focuses its attention on infection control? CDC
Without what organization’s accreditation would a healthcare provider risk loosing insurance and Medicare reimbursement? The Joint Commission
The EPA regulates the manufacture and emission standards of Eto gas. What agency sets employee exposure limits? OSHA
The FDA stipulates that if a hospital reprocesses a single-use device it essentially becomes what? The Manufacturer
Which regulatory agency is responsible for overseeing the reprocessing of single use medical devices? FDA
Which regulatory agency’s protocols for dealing with prion exposure have been widely adopted by other organizations? CDC
Which regulatory agency is responsible for the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standards? OSHA
What does SUD stand for? Single Use Device
Which professional organization develops recommended practices for use, care and processing of surgical instruments? AAMI
Standards issues by a professional organization are, as a rule, what? Voluntary
What are mandatory laws or rules issued by a federal agency? Regulations
What professional organization works with the CDC on standards of disease prevention? APIC Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology
Standards issued by a federal agency can be either voluntary or what? Regulatory
How much notice does The Joint Commission survey team have to give prior to a visit? None- may arrive unannounced
The Joint Commission can conduct on-site surveys once anytime during a how many year period? Three Years
How many days does a healthcare facility have to report to the FDA a death caused by a medical device? Ten Days
How long do The Joint Commission’s on-site surveys generally last? Two to Five Days
Proper use of PPE falls under which organizations mandate? OSHA
Other than the FDA, to whom do healthcare facilities report deaths or injury caused by a device? The Manufacturer
General recommendations for sterilization are provided by what organization? AAMI
Which government agency is a branch of the Department of Labor? OSHA
OSHA complaints are submitted through which program? Whistle Blower
A perfect score with The Joint Commission would be what? 100
What word element comes AFTER the root word? Suffix
What word element comes BEFORE the root word? Prefix
What element of a word provides its primary meaning? Root Word
What is the name for the letter (usually an ‘o’) added between word elements which makes medical terms easier to pronounce? Combining Vowel
What does the root word CHOLE mean? Bile
What root word means “skin”? Derma
What does the root word CYSTO mean? Bladder
What does the root word LIPO mean? Fat
What doe the root word ARTHRO? JOINT
What does the abbreviation ACL stand for? Anterior Cruciate Ligament
What does the suffix ‘-itis’ mean? INFLAMMATION
What does the suffix ‘–necrosis’ mean? Death of tissue
What suffix means: “a cutting instrument”? -tome
What does the abbreviation OMF stand for? Oral Maillofacial
What root word means “uterus”? HYSTER
What does the abbreviation ACF stand for? Anterior Cervical Fusion
What prefix means ‘below’ or ‘deficient’? HYPO
What does the prefix ‘endo’ mean? WITHIN
What does the abbreviation TURP stand for? Trans-Urethral Resection of the Prostate
What root word means ‘heart’? CARDIO
What does the root word CRANIO mean? SKULL
What does the prefix ‘hemi’ mean? HALF
What does the abbreviation IOL stand for? Intraocular Lens
What does the suffix ‘-cide’ mean? KILL
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