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SharePoint 2010 Dev

SharePoint 2010 Development Interview Questions

Where sharepoint keeps its "stuff" basically most things not stored in the db relating to sharepoint and its configurations are stored here 14 hive
To develop rich client side solutions, three set of client-side APIs has been introduced in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client namespace. What are they. THese are all client object model extensions .net managed apps, silverlight apps, ECMAScript- this is for sharepoint working with javascript
What are 3 security improvements in SharePoint 2010 Claims based Authentication, Code Access Security, Sand Box Solutions
____ authenticaiton is based on identity and trust verfied by another source claims based authentication
This security type allows you to specify your ___ ___ ____ policy for your web parts Code access security
When deployed to a server, SharePoint runs in a sepcial process that has limitied permissions Sandbox Solutions
Whats new with SharePoint Web Part Development in SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Parts:
This allows you to Drag and drop controls from visual studio to web part design Visual Web Parts
___ ___ ___ includes SharePoint-specific project types and project item types, and includes powerful packaging, deployment, and debugging features that help increase your efficiency as a SharePoint 2010 developer. Visual Studio 2010
what are 3 vistual studio templates that help Workflow templates, visual web part project templae, list definition template
This provides you a sql like syntax to query a data source and is a feature of VB and C#.net LINQ
What change is made in SP 2010 to enforce referencial integrity? enforced on lookup columns by choosing either restrict delete or cascade delete
Whats new in SPAlets in SP 2010 You can now send alerts via SMS
Can we use our custom master page with application pages in SharePoint 2010 Yes. You set it under _Layouts
What does the CMDUI.XML Contain Ribbon element definitions
Why would you use LINQ over CAML fo retrievalsr dta It is very self defining. For example you announcement list has announcement object and task list has task object
How do you write to SharePoint ULS logs in 2010 Via Powershell or object model
Name 3 object model objects SPSite, SPWeb, SPList
Created by: jg1656