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SharePoint 2010 adm

SharePoint 2010 admin Interview questions

2 hardware requirements of sharepoint 2010 64 bit, 2.5GHZ per core
What is a core Virtual processors making up a CPU otherwise known as the physical processor
What is the min MS Server edition needed for sharepoint 2010 Server 2008 with SP2
2 benefits to having service applications instead of ssp Custom 3rd party services can be added, services are managed in central admin then seperate ssp site
What is the key benefit of Service apps over ssp Websites can be configured to use only servicces that are needed rather than the entire service bank and you dont need to create an entire ssp for every one you want diff
Some services an be shared across _____ farms
Key limitation of SSP in Sharepoint 2007 To change a service configuration for a particular Web application and not effect the rest, a new SSP would have to be created.
allow SharePoint Server to take control of all the service accounts you use..changing their passwords, etc managed accounts
2 out of box FULL configuration backups with sharePoint 2010 Central admin, powershell
Attach a content database command using powershell Mount-SPContentDatabase
Detach a content database command using powershell Dismount-SPContentDatabase
To what granular level can you export something in SharePoint 2010 using central admin The list level. Even allows security exported
Can you re-deploy the old custom themes in SharePoint 2010? No, 2010 changed theme schema
Set of technologies known as ___ is used for retrieving, editing, and updatating data from external systems such as erp's, crm's , etc BCS
Difference between BDC in 2007 and BCS in 2010 BCS allows read write and BDC was only read unless you customized it
In SharePoint 2010 you can create a read only farm or site by setting the ___ ___ as REad-only Content Database
What Browsers are not supported by SharePoint 2010 I# 6 and below
Created by: jg1656