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Handwriting 3

Occupation of School Ch.19

Intervention using a Developmental FOR Using this FOR suggests starting at the level at which the child is comfortable and providing opportunities to develop the next level of skills.
Developmental FOR: Developmental Activities Trace simple line drawings. Emphasize lines of shapes by highlighting then and then outlining with white glue.
Developmental FOR: Developmental Activities Using water, rice, beans, or bingo magnetic chips as the contents, pour those contents from one container into another.
Developmental FOR: Developmental Activities Have child copy/imitate designs and body motions. Work with a variety of tools, such as screwdrivers, hammers, tongs, encouraging one-handed working with other hand stabilizing.
Developmental FOR: Developmental Activities Cut putty/paper with scissors to work on a one-handed task designed to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the hand and further develop tool usage.
Developmental FOR: Developmental Activities Color within a designated area; use a template to cover the area not to be colored, put emphasis on that area.
Developmental FOR: Named Activities Clip it up: place paper clips on cardboard or paper.
Developmental FOR: Named Activities o Feed me: place coins in a narrow vertical slot, encouraging finger/thumb prehension and wrist rotation.
Developmental FOR: Named Activities o Manipulate me: dump out contents of container on table. Pick up a penny, button, and paper clip. Place them in a pan and sort them out. Do this with vision occluded and using only one hand.
Developmental FOR: Named Activities o Scarf Throw: throw scarves up in the air and catch then with both hands, then with one hand or turn and catch.
Intervention Using a Biomechanical FOR This FOR benefits children w/ROM limitations, poor hand strength, poor endurance.
Biomechanical FOR: Motor Activities Have child lie on their stomach to strengthen the back/upper trunk.
Biomechanical FOR: Motor Activities Bounce child on ball to provide vestibular stimulation and joint proprioception to increase muscle tone throughout/to make body ready for occupational performance of sitting/writing
Biomechanical FOR: Motor Activities Have child pick up items w/gently hand-over-hand (HOH) assistance to promote a thumb-index finger grasping patterns/flexing of the ring/little fingers. Provide HOH (A) to place pencil in optimum and most dynamic position in child’s hand.
Biomechanical FOR: Motor Activities Arm strengthening/prone activities decrease arm tremors.
Biomechanical FOR: Named Activities Squirrel Away: put object into child’s hand. Have them try to keep the fingers closed while another child or adult tries to pry the fingers open to get item out of hand.
Biomechanical FOR: Named Activities Pick a Hand: Have child hide object in one hand and try to get another child to decide which hand the object is in.
Biomechanical FOR: Named Activities Clip Away: clip clothespins onto a clothespin tree made of an old coffee cup holder. Activity encourages an open thumb, web space, and finger strengthening.
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