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What does a salesperson need to do to be successful in selling? Learn the features unique to the brands s/he sells.
Joe is a salesperson who will sometimes forgo a sale in order to satisfy a customer's needs. Carol always attempts to close a sale at all costs. Who is likely to be the more successful salesperson? Joe because he will get more repeat business
What can salespeople do to maintain good relationships with existing customers? Live up to their promises
What is an effective follow-up activity that salespeople can use to provide good service and develop strong relationships with customers? Calling to make sure the products are satisfactory
George sold Sandy a new living room set. What should George do as an effective follow-up to provide good service and develop a strong relationship with her? Calling to make sure the products are satisfactory
Which is a pre-sale opportunity for salespeople to provide customer service? Providing ample product information
What should a salesperson do when dealing with a customer who wants to return an unsatisfactory item? Follow the business's selling policies
What is an internal factor that affects the selling policies of a business? Financial resources
What should you do to demonstrate a customer-service mindset in the following situation: An irate business customer yells at you because of a billing error? Make sure the mistake is corrected
What should employees do to maintain a customer-service mindset? Devote their full attention to customers
Question: How do service-oriented companies often improve their levels of service? By requesting input through employee and customer surveys
What is one of the benefits to a business of reinforcing service orientation through communication? Builds positive relationships with customers
What is a guideline for employees to follow in handling customer inquiries? Make sure you clearly understand customers' inquiries
A customer asked you several questions about the new expandable notebooks. So that you address the customer's questions correctly, what should you do? Make sure you clearly understand customers' inquiries
What is a businesslike way for employees to handle a situation in which they must obtain information requested by customers and call the customers back? Ask the customers when it would be convenient to call them
What are businesspeople who fail to adapt their communication styles to appeal to their international clients likely to do? Offend the clients
Jami researched her international customers' buying behanior. Jami wanted to be sure she did make the common mistake to do which of the following actions? Offend the clients
What should help businesspeople adapt their communication styles to appeal to clients from other cultures? Being patient, flexible, and empathetic
What is a factor that affects a business's selection of policies to guide its operations? Nature of the business
What is one of the purposes of having business policies? To make sure the business's actions are consistent
Created by: qwill55