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Civil War

Which invention made the cotton production increase quickly after the year 1800? the cotton gin
this new invention was used for _________________ picking seeds out of raw cotton
what was the effect of this new invetion on slavery? it increased slavery
______________________ was elected president of the united states in 1860. abraham lincoln
the members of south carolinas secession convention of 1860 decided to _________or____________ secede or break away
south carolina was the _______state to_______from the union first state to secede
one reason south carolina seceded from the united states is _____________________________________________ the north wanted to abolish slavery still,tariff,and the south belived in states rights
the southern states call themselves_____________________________________ the confederate states of america
____________________was elected president of the_____________________states of america jefferson davis confederate
what event started the civil war? fighting on fort sumter
how did the union blockade affect south carolina? the confederacy couldnt get supplies
which coastal city is home to the h l hunley and fort sumter where the civil war began? charleston
what state had shermans forces marched through before they reached south carolina? georgia
what effect did shermans march have on south carolina? it burned down many towns and cities
who won the civil war? the union
by the end of the civil war what happend to those in south carolinas elite class? they had lost most of their wealth
what is one way the civil war affected south carolina?
what did the third amendment do? all slaves were freed
what was the biggest change for slaves after the civil war? slaves were free and could work for themselves
before southern states could rejoin the united states they had to free the slaves and ________________________ write a new constitution
what was the main purpose of reconstrution? to unite the south and the north and to rebuild the south
what were people from the the north who moved to the southern states to participate in reconstruction called? carpetbaggers
south carolina began to rebuild the economy after the civil war by______________ building textile mills
what was the major change in education after the civil war? all social classes could get an education
how did sharecroppers get land after the war? they borowwed it.
describe the black codes. they limited the rights of african americans
why did the black codes anger some members of congress? they did not think southern leaders should have the power to make such laws
Created by: Hannah Driggers