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IFTSA College Bowl 2

Veal is meat from a calf that is: A.4 months old or younger, B.Fed Grain for at least 130 days, C. Younger than 1 year of age, or D.2 years or older? A. 4 months old or younger (typically 16-18 weeks,according to USDA website)
Which of the statements about dietary fat is NOT true:A.consumption of fat should be <30% of daily calories, B.the healthiest diet contains no meat, C. moderate amounts of fat are essential for fat-soluble vitamin absorption, or D.Fat adds flavor? B.the healthiest diet contains no meat
Meat should be included in the diet because: A.it provides high quality protein and iron, B.is high in cholesterol, C.rates low as a nutrient-dense food, or D.all of the above? A.meat provides high quality protein and iron
Overcooking meat results in: A.greater shrinkage and decreased tenderness/juiciness, B.makes meat more moist, C.produces a lower cost per serving, or D.all of the above? A.overcooking meat results in a greater shrinkage and decreased tenderness and juiciness
If beef steaks or pork chops are to be broiled, they should be cut: A.less than 2 inch thick, B.2 inches thick, C.3/4 to 1 inch thick, or D.none of the above? C.3/4 to 1 inch thick
Why is iron from meat so important? A.provides necessary nutrients, B.recommended by National Academy of Sciences, C.enhances taste of meat, or D.best source of iron in the form of heme iron D. iron from meat is the best source of iron in the form of heme iron
Which B Vitamins are found in meat? A.B18, B.B10, C.B28, or D.B12 D. B 12 is found in meat
What is the best source of meat to meet thiamin requirements: A.chicken, B.fish, C.beef, or D.pork? D.Pork (other good sources of thiamin are grain products, ham, and fortified meat substitutes)
The maximum freezer storage time for pork is: A.24 months, B.3 months, C.6-9 months, or D.none of the above? D. none of the above (fresh pork can be stored frozen for 4-6 months/can be stored refrigerated for 3-5 days)
USDA inspection of meat is a guide to: A.quality of meat, B.yield grade of the meat, C.wholesomeness of the meat, or D.all of the above? C.wholesomeness of the meat (Inspection for wholesomeness is mandatory and is paid for with public funds. Grading for quality is voluntary, and the service is requested and paid for by meat and poultry producers/processors)
What are the USDA meat grades for Pork? A.Prime,Choice,Good,Standard, B.commercial,canner,cutter cull, C.Yield Grade 1,2,3,4,5, or D.none of the above? D.none of the above (USDA has no quality grades for pork)
The recommended maximum storage time to maintain quality in a freezer for beef is: A.20 months, B.16 months, C.1 year, or D.14 months? C.1 year (Steaks:6-12 months,Chops:4-6 months, Roasts:4-12 months)
Over the years, the most commonly used additive in processing meat products is: A.pepper, B.sodium chloride, C.papain, or D.bromelin? B.Sodium Chloride
How can cuts of meat be recognized?A.color, B.pork cuts are always smaller than beef cuts, C.amount of fat present, or D.color, size of cut, and bone structure D. color, size of cut, and bone structure identifies meat cuts
Meats should be frozen at a temperature of: A.32F, B.36F, C.0F or lower, or D.28F? C. 0F or lower
Frozen meat should be defrosted by: A.thawing at room temperature, B.thawing in freezer, C.defrosted in a refrigerator or microwave oven at low temperature, or D.all of the above? C.defrosted in a refrigerator or microwave oven at a low temperature
Food poisoning results from: A.eating too fast, B.over-eating, C.undercooking of food or re-contamination after cooking, or D.overcooking food? C. undercooking of food or re-contamination after cooking
Meat is considered a complete protein because it: A.lacks the essential amino acids, B.provides iron, C.is delicious, or D. supplies all of the essential amino acids? D. meat supplies all of the essential amino acids
Vacuum packaging and sealing is used to: A.increase the amount if air in the package, B.decreases the length of time meat can be kept, C.eliminates most of the air from a package in order to make it airtight, or D.none of the above? C.eliminates most of the air from a package in order to make it airtight
What is the main purpose of aging meat? A.to lower the incidence of food borne illness, B.to develop additional tenderness and a characteristic flavor, C.to dry it out, or D.all of the above B.meat is aged to develop additional tenderness and a characteristic flavor
what is meant by "residues" in meat? A.soap scum that remains on meat after carcass is rinsed, B.trace amounts of antibiotic, drug,hormone,insecticide,pesticide,or environmental contaminant remaining in meat after slaughter, C.fat, or D.none of the above B.trace amounts of antibiotics,drug,hormone,insecticide,pesticide,or environmental contaminant remaining in meat after slaughter
what is the maximum amount of fat which ground beef can contain? A.10%, B.20%, C.30%, or D.40% C.Ground beef can contain up to 30% fat
"Short-Fed" refers to cattle that are grain-fed for: A.90-130 days, B.100-150 days, C.180 days, or D.more than 180 days? A. Short-fed cattle are grain-fed for between 90-130 days (~100 days most common)
USDA inspection process is a guide to: A.quality, B.wholesomeness, C.fat content, or D.marbling? B.wholesomeness
What is the recommended amount of meat to be included in a daily diet? A.one 12 oz serving, B.two 6 oz servings, C.one 8oz serving, or D.two 2-3oz servings D.two 2-3 oz servings
To what internal temperature should pork be cooked: A.160F, B.120F, C.150F, or D.none of the above? D.none of the above (145F and rest for 3 minutes)
A disease associated with the way pork is cooked is called: A.leptospirosis, B.brucellosis, C.trichinosis, or D.vibriosis? C.trichinosis
What are the USDA meat grades for lamb? A.prime,choice,good,cutter,and canner; B.prime,choice,good,utility,and cull; C.US#1,2,and 3; or D.prime,choice,select,and standard? B. grades of lamb are prime, choice, good, utility, and cull
What are the primary factors for determining the value and general acceptability of a beef carcass? A.tenderness & juiciness, B.eating quality & yield, C.dressing % & yield, or D.cutability & quality B.eating quality & yield
Which statement is NOT correct about meat fats:A.it adds flavor & makes meat seem juicy, B.help in absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, C.all animal fat is saturated, or D.moderate amounts of fat are essential in human diets? C. all animal fat is saturated
what is the correct method for determining when a roast is done? A.cook for 3 hours at 425F, B.cook for 3 hours per pound of meat, C.cook 45 minutes per pound of meat, or D.use a meat thermometer to determine the internal temperature of the roast D. use a meat thermometer to determine the internal temp of the roast (145F for safety)
Meat is considered a complete protein because it: A.lacks the essential amino acids, B.tastes good, C.supplies all of the essential amino acids, or D.provides iron in the diet C. meat supplies all of the essential amino acids
what is the refrigerator (36-40F) storage limit for maximum quality of bacon? A.2 weeks, B.2 months, C.1 week, or D.10 days? C. 1 week
If beef steaks or pork chops are to be broiled, they should be cut: A.3/4-1 inch thick, B.3 inches, C.less than 1/2 inch, or D.none of the above? A.3/4-1 inch thick
what is the advantage to the consumer in buying subprimal cuts? A.higher quality, B.identifies the cut of meat, C.identifies the USDA grades, or D.usually results in lower cost per serving D. usually results in lower cost per serving
What does the term "water added" on a ham label mean? "Water added" means that the cured ham returns to within 10% above the original weight of the ham during the curing process
How many carbon atoms are in one molecule of lactose? 12
What is HTST method in dairy technology and what are the requirements? High Temperature Short Time is a pasteurization process for milk; 72 degrees C for 15 seconds
what animal constitutes the single most common source of Yersinia enterocolitica in humans? Pigs
which mycotoxin is produced by Aspergillus flavus? aflatoxin
what type of foodborne disease is caused by Staphylococcus aureus? intoxication
Which bacterium from Vibrio genus is halotolerant and causes rice water stools and possible death from dehydration? Vibrio cholerae
Which type of Clostridium botulinum is associated with aquatic food products and is often psychotropic? Type E
Which bacterium is used in setting adequate heat treatment in canning industry to eliminate Clostridium botulinum/ Clostridium sporogenes PA 3679
Which 2 bacterial species are used to produce yogurt? Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus
What are the 2 different syndromes associated with Bacillus cereus? diarrheal syndrome and emetic syndrome
What is the name of naturally occurring antimicrobial system in milk consisting of 3 components, 2 of which are thiocyanate and hydrogen peroxide? Lactoperoxidase system (LP-System)
What is the name of group of chemicals that are carcinogenic and may be produced while using nitrates in meat processing? Nitrosamines
What is the main carbohydrate in milk? Lactose
Which food processing technique could be named as "controlled spoilage"? Fermentation
What is the name of the concept which involves the usage of multiple barriers in order to prevent spoilage of foods? the "Hurdle Concept"
What bacterium causes "sweet curdling" type of spoilage of pasteurized milk without acid production? Bacillus cereus
Which name for certain chemicals in biochemistry came from the Greek language, which means "leaven"? enzyme
What is the name of the reaction between sugars and amines that causes changes in color of some food products during heat treatment? Maillard Reaction
What is the name of the concept of safe usage of food additives in the US? GRAS list (Generally Recognized As Safe)
Which enzymes are responsible for breakage of proteins, particularly peptide bonds? Proteases
Name the 4 chemicals used in a Gram Stain procedure Crystal Violet, Iodine, Alcohol, Safranin
Which classical count method in microbiology counts both dead and viable bacterial cells? Direct Microscopic Count
What substance is used in microbiology for microscopes in order to reduce the influence of refractive index of air? immersion oil
name four genera of bacteria known as coliforms. Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Escherichia, and Klebsiella
What is "Minimal Botulinum Cook"; give both temperature and time 250 degrees F for 3 minutes
Which bacteriocin is associated with Lactococcus lactis? nisin
What are the 2 most common approved sources of gamma rays in food irradiation? Cobalt-60 and Cesium-137
Which component in wheat is responsible for viscoelastic properties of dough? gluten (gliadin and glutenin)
what is the scientific name for vitamin E? Alpha-Tocopherol
name the 2 main types of secondary structures of proteins. alpha-helix and beta-sheet
name the 4 main tastes, and what is considered the 5th? sweet, sour, bitter, salty (umami the 5th)
who invented canning? Nicholas Appert
Which heating technology strongly depends on presence of polar molecules? microwave cooking
name the type of microorganisms that require very little oxygen Microaerophilic
Bacterium of which genus can cause gastric ulcers? Helicobacter (pylori)
name the 2 most famous "molded" cheeses Roquefort and Camembert
what is the most common method for measurement of acidity? titration
what stands for negative log of molar concentration of free hydrogen ions in solution? pH
What is the basis for preservation by dessication? water removal-lowers water activity
What are the name of bacterial viruses? bacteriophage
what is the reason for lactose intolerance in humans? inability to hydrolyze lactose due to lack of lactase enzyme
name the Korean sauerkraut Kimchi
which pathogen is paid the most attention in anaerobically packed foods? Clostridium botulinum
In which phase of their growth are bacteria most sensitive for destruction? in the Log phase
Which volatile chemical is associated with spoilage of seawater fish? trimethylamine
How is the freshness of fresh fish done by first look? appearance of gills
which polysaccharide can humans not digest, but is the chief constituent of all plant tissues? cellulose
what is the general name of foods prepared following Jewish religious traditions? Kosher Foods
Which protein is responsible for the red color of meat tissue? Myoglobin
What is the name of the Mississippian section of IFT? the Magnolia section
name the 3 macronutrients Carbohydrates, Fats, and proteins
True/False: an organic substance is one containing carbon-carbon bonds or carbon-hydrogen bonds True
how many different vitamins are there? A.20, B.25, C.17, or D.13 D. 13
There are how many essential minerals in human nutrition: A.12, B.30, C.50, or D.16? D. 16
What is the number one disease-related cause of death in the United States: A.Heart Disease, B.Lung Disease, C.cancer, or D.stroke? A. Heart disease
How much bread, cereals, and grains are recommended daily by the MyPlate nutrition scheme? 5-8 oz. equivalents (5-6 oz for women, 6-8 oz for men)
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