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Call of the Wild Vocabulary

Vocabulary TermDefinition
Swarthy Dark Complexion
Fastidiousness Great care about one's habits
Primeval Ancient, primordial
Progeny Offspring, descendents
Pandemonium Wild confusion, disorder, or uproar
Futilely Without achieving a positive result
Demense Estate, especially one belonging to a lord
Lacerated Torn jaggedly, mangled
Metamorphosed Transformed
Morose Gloomy, ill tempered
Primordial Existing in earlier times, primitive
Ignominiously Shamefully, dishonorably
Celerity Speed
Callowness Youthful inexperience, immaturity
Repugnance Extreme dislike
Q.E.D (Quod Erat Demonstrandum) That which ought to be proved has been proven
Covert Hidden, disguised
Perambulating Walking
Plethoric Full, almost to the point of overflowing
Chaff Worthless outer coating of grain
Paroxyms Sudden, convulsive outbursts
Usurp Seize control of; overthrow
Voracious Greedy in eating
Orthodox Conforming to traditional standards
Copius Abundant, plentiful, wordy
Amenities Acts of courteous social behavior
Salient Noticeable
Created by: roachmco