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AIDS Final

AIDS stands for? Acquired Immunodeficieny Syndrome
What is AIDS? A condition in which a person experiences an assortment of infections due to the progressive destruction of immue system cells by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
HIV? human immunodeficiency virus
When was HIV first recognized? since then how many ppl have died of AIDS? 1981; 25 million
How many ppl are currecntly infeceted with HIV? 35-40 mil
How many new infections a year in the US? How many ppl currently living with HIV? how many dont know they have it? how many aids related deaths in a year? 40,000; 1 million; 25%; 16,000
Where is HIV? How is it transmitted? blood and bodily fluids; actions or practices that involve exchange of blood or bodily fluids
how is HIV transmitted during sex? semen or vaginal fluids
How can HIV be transmitted to mother to baby? breast feeding or at birth
how to prevent HIV? latex condom
HIV fragile virus? cannot survive outside the body for long
what does HIV consist of? inner core of RNA covered by a protein capsid
what is HIV classified as? since when? as a retrovirus since its genetic info is carried in RNA instead of DNA
Host cell? lyse? the virus infects and enters a host cell, then uses the host cell enzymes and reibosomes to amke thousands if not millions of copies of the virus. new viruses lyse (kill) the host and then infect other cells.
what does HIV mainly damage? helper Tcells and does so in a variety of ways. in most HIV infected individuals, helper tcells are replaced as fast as they aredestroyed. as you get older its harder to replace though.
symptoms of infected? flu like; fever, fatigue, rash headache, joint pani, sore throat, swollen lymph node, night sweats
what happens 3-4 weeks after infection? plasma cells begin to secrete antibodies against HIV
"HIV postive" meaning? antibodies have entered the bloodstream
What happens after 2-10 yrs of having HIV? it has destroyed enough tcells that ppl have symptoms of immune-defincientcy: fatigue, weightloss,nightsweats,rashes,diarreha, memory loss
When is AIDS diagnosed? when the helper tcells count drops below 200
After AIDS what doe most ppl die from? 2 things. Kaposis sarcoma and pneumonia
2 most common mechanisms of transmission are: unprotecte sexual contact, homosexual or heterosexual with someone that is infected and nthe intravenous injection with a contaminated needs
MOther to child spread of virus? percentage? 20-30% chance of passin disease
what is extrememly rare today method of tranmission? blood transfusions
Biggest form of prevention? avoid sex; use a condom; avoid drugs (injection) and educattion of it.
cure for AIDS? none; prevention vaccines are still in trial
2 drugs that can extend life of infected ppl? reverse transcripase inhibitors - interfere with the virus ability to make copies of itself;;;; Proteases inhibitors - block assembly of viral proteins
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