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art history

who was the greatest maurya ruler? shunga ashoka kanishka chandragupta maurya Ashoka
These columns go deep into the ground, connecting the earth to the sky, forming the axis of the universe? column of kanishka the cosmic mountain columns of ashoka wheel of law columns of Ashoka
what was the unifying characteristics of the regional dynasties of south asia in the third through first centuries BCE? patronage of Buddhism
A scantily clad, sensuous woman is called a _____? Yakshi
which of the following refers to an amorous couplethat can be found on temple architecture? Mithunas
Maya is the mother of _______? Buddha
The sexually explicit images suggesting fertility decorate the Vishvanatha temple in ________,India Khajuraho
Shiva as Mahadeva represents which of the following? cycle of creation
Khamer Kings built this complex that included two main types of temples? Angkor Wat, Cambodia
The caves of Ajanta are famed for which of the following? later indian painting tradition
The Indus valley design of stamp seal shows a similarity to which of the following? Mesopotamia
The Indus Valley civilization arose in ______? Pakistan
At this point, what has not been discovered in the indus valley? Temple architecture
The Aryans, a mobile hearding people, came from india from ______? Central asia
The earliest spoken language yet identified in south Asia is? Sanskrit
Where did Buddha give his first sermon? Sarnath
The Ajanta caves preserved a visual record of early indian __________ based on traditional sculptural figures. Paintings
King ______ was the founder of the Angkor dynasty in the 9th century. Jayavarman II
Being the oldest form of _______, Theravada followed the "four noble truths." Buddhism
The largest of all Khmer temple mountains, ______ reflects the glory of Suryavarman II. Angkor Wat
Ashoka created a law formulated on ________ Principles. Buddhist
Ashoka converted to _______ before becoming the ruler. Buddhism
Ashoka was the greatest ruler of what period? Maurya
Which diety is housed within a Buddhist temple? Buddha
Hinduism and buddhism are both ________, in that they both worship multiple gods. polytheistic
Devi,Shiva and vishnu are all dieties of _______ hunduism
another ionic building on the Athenian Acropolis is the ________, designed by Kallikrates Temple of Athenia Nike
The leading panter of the 1st half of the 5th cent BCE was _________ Polygnostos of Thasos
____________ was one the leading Sculptures of the 4th cent BCE Praxiteles
_________ was the capital of Macedonia Pella
The earlest instance of a ______________ on the exterier of a Greek building is the Chroagic Monument of Lysikrates Cronthian Captial
The Alter of Zeus and Pergamon, presents in Mythological disguise the Victory over Attalos the 1st over the _______ Gauls
Athanadoros, hagesandros, and polydoros are thought to be the 3 rhodhian sclulptures who created the _________ laocoon
status of the aged and ugle can be found in the ___________ peroid Hellenistic
the redifenation of Portiature was one of the gratest achevments of ___________ artist Hellenistic
______________, Skopas and Lysippos made bold steps in humanising the gods of Greek staturary in the 4th cent BCE
the 1st truley monumental status of the greeks followed the __________ canon Egyption
The Persians sacked the Athenaian Acorpolos in __________ 480 BCE
The pronouced swelling at the middle of the colonm shaft is called __________ entasis
the acknwlodged master of the black figure technique was ____________ Exekias
________ was intrested in showing human anatomy convicingly, but also showing the figure occupying space Euphornios
Diskobolos, disck thrower was created by ___________ Myron
in 454 BCE the _______ _______ was transfered to Athens ostensibly for security reasons Delian Treasurey
Kresilas was a sclupture of the portrate bust of Pericles
Plutarch clamed that ___________ was in charge of the entier periclean acropolis progect Phidias
Mnesikles was the architect of note for _______________, the monumnetial entrance to the Accropolos Propylaia
What is considred the 1st great work of Greek liturature the finest epic poem Ilad
The cities of Troy, Macenae and Tiryns were uncovered by _______ _________ Heinrich Schliemann
Scholors believe the city of Troy had been distroyed by fire in ________ thirteeth century BC
Schliemann based his archaelogical excavations on a careful reading of ancient _________ literature
The heyday of the ancient Aegean civilization occured in the ________ _________ second millennium BC
_________ was abundantly available on Naxos and paros marble
The new palace (late minoan) period began the _______ __________ of crete golden age
The ______ _______ is a recurring motif of the minoan palace double ax
The new palace at knossos was carefully planned with the _____ as a major organizing element. court
Minoan columns are charecterized by their ________ capitals cushion like
_________ adorn the walls of the palace at Knossos depicting many aspects of minoan life. frescoes
the minoans used the ________ fresco technique on there walls true or wet
In the late cycladic period Thera was artistically within the _______ orbit minoan
Cretian potters intoduced the ______ _______ potters dye
_____ _______ ceramist placed dark silhouettes on a light ground. late minoan
By 1500 Bc a distinctive ______ culture was flourishing on the greek mainland. mycenaean
Mycenae was a large_______ citadel
The best-preserved and most impressive Mycenaean remains are the fortified palaces found at _______ Tiryns
The most important element in the Mycenaean palace plan was the _________ or reception hall of the king. megaron
What was spyridon marinatos's explanation for the demise of Minoan civilization.
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