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AIF audio interchange format; an uncompressed audio file format used by Macs
Audio/sound audible content in media production and publishing
Bidirectional microphone microphone that picks up sound from two opposite directions
Bit rate the number of bits per second processed when sampling sound (bps).
Boom microphone a directional mic that is mounted on a boom arm and positioned just out of camera
Key frame a frame in a timeline where a change will occur; used in audio, video and animation production
Kilohertz one thousand hertz; measures the sampling rate of an audio file
Lavalier microphone (lapel) a small microphone designed to pick up speech from a single person, typically attached to the subject's clothing with a specialized clip
MIDI musical instrument digital interface; format for recording music from synthesizers and other electronic instruments
Mixing audio mixing is the process by which sounds are combined into one or more channels
Mono an audio signal that is mixed together and routed through a single audio channel
Mounted microphone a microphone that is attached to a stand or boom
MP3 mpeg 3; a compressed audio file format that is the current standard for exchanging audio files over the Internet; 1/10 the size of a wave file
MP4 mpeg 4; a compressed file format that can be used for audio or video; appropriate for streaming
Omnidirectional microphone microphone that captures equally from all directions
Original work a distinctive piece created by an author or artist
Ripping the process of digitally extracting audio from CDs to your hard drive
Sampling rate the number of samples taken per second when sound is recorded; 1Hz-1 sample per second; currently measured in kilohertz; 44.1 is CD quality, 22.1 is radio quality
Silence the absence of sound in a production; used to set a mood or provide a moment for reflection
Sound effects audio effects other than music or speech that are enhanced or artificially created and added in postproduction
Speech an example of audio that can include voice overlay, dialogue or direct address
Stereo an audio signaled divided into two separate channels, played back simultaneously via separate speakers
Streaming playing audio or video immediately as it is downloaded from the Internet, rather than storing it in a file on the receiving computer first
WAV waveform; uncompressed audio format for Windows
Wireless microphone a microphone that is not physically connected to a camera or recording equipment
WMA windows media audio; compresssed audio format originally designed for Windows Media Player
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