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Visual Art

Mrs. Brandt

What are complimentary colors Red & green, blue & orange, yellow & purple. Colors that are opposite one another.
What happens when you place complimentary colors side by side they intensify one another, making each more vibrant.
when is it useful to have complimentary colors? when attempting to emphasize an emotion in your painting.
what is a fan brush? and why is it used? it is fan shaped and used to blend colors together.
Acrylics? water based paint
What is a proof? A proof is an impression of a print pulled prior to the regular, published edition of the print.
What is a watermark? it is a design embossed into a piece of paper during its production & used for identification of the paper and papermarker.
When can you see the watermark? When it is held up to the light.
what is Hickey in graphics An undesirable mark or imperfection in printing, caused by dirt in the ink or on the press.
mixed media in printmaking, prints made by combining two or more processes.
what is another name for mixed media? Also referred to as a composite
What is it called when the eyes move through the composition;leading the attention of the viewer from one aspect of the work to another? Movement
What is regular repetition of, or an alternation in elements to create movement and interest? Rhythm
What is proportion? size relationships of one part to another part to the whole.
What is the name of a color within a spectrum color? Hue
When you describe a color as pale, light or very dark, you are referring to ?? Value
Imagine a color wheel in black and white ? what are you seeing? the values
Intensity Or Saturation Refers to brilliance or relative strength of a color. Adding a color will reduce its intensity
What is Tints? A color is referred to as a tint when white is added. They are always lighter in value to it's hue. ex. by adding whti to red a tint of pink is created.
What is Shade? A color that is darker than it's normal value and is referred to as a shade; ex. dark green, dark blue
What colors tend to move into the background they give the impression of distance? Receding colors
These colors are colors that you simply cannot make by mixing other colors. Primary Colors
what are the three primary colors? Blue, Yellow and Red.
what are secondary colors the combination of two primaries results in a secondary color. ex. Red and Yellow makes Orange.
Tertiary Colors This is a mixture of primary & secondary color.
What is the mark made by a moving point? It is used to make words and artists use pencils and other tools to make this? Line
what is a flat enclosed line or area that has two dimensions--length and width? A Shape
what is a value? a degree of lightness and darkness
The surface quality of an object can be real or implied...what is it called? Texture
Define Positive and Negative Space Positive space is a space taken up by objects. Negative Space is the distance between objects
Unity(Harmony) visually pleasing agreement among the elements in a design. It is the feeling that everything in the work of art works together and looks like it fits.
Variety occurs when an artist creates something that looks different from the rest of the artwork.
why is variety used to make artwork more interesting and to avoid monotony.
What is Emphasis(Focal Point)? Artist use empahsis to make certain parts of the artwork standout and grab attention.
Who painted "Starry Night" Vincent Van Gogh- Impressionist
Who was Jackson Pollock? the splatter paint artist
Renaissance artist known for Mona Lisa and The Last Supper Leonardo Davinci
Who was the architect known for designing the cantilever and Guggenheim art museum and "Falling Waters" Frank Lloyd Wright
Ansel Adams black and white photographer
Picasso cubism
Michaelangelo- Italian Renaissance artist that painted the ceiling of Sistine Chapel
What was Andy Warhol known for? pop artist known for Marilyn Monroe piece and Campbell's soup can piece
MC Escher?? Wood block prints usually with stairs in the piece
Who is known for environmental art- AT&T commercial? Christo
Created by: sone