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La lettre A

Les mots du livre

d'abord firstly
aborder v to tackle, to approach
abri n,m shelter
accabler v to overwhelm
accéder v to reach
accorder v to grant
accro adj addicted
accueil n,m welcome, reception
acceuillir v to welcome, to receive, to accommodate
achat n,m purchase
acier n,m steel (metal)
actualité n,f topicality
les actualités the news
actuel adj present, current
actuellement adv at present, at the moment
adepte n,m,f follower, enthusiast
adhérer v to join, to subscribe to
affaire n,f matter, business, case
affirmation n,f assertion
affirmer v to assert, to maintain
affronter v to face, to brave
afin de prep in order to
afin que + subjonctif so that
aggraver v to make worse
s'aggraver to get worse
agir v to act
ailleurs adv elsewhere
d'ailleurs besides
par ailleurs in addition
ainsi adv in this way
ainsi que as well as
à l'aise comfortable
alcootest n,m breathalyser, breath test
aliment n,m food
alimenter v to feed, to sustain
allocation n,f allowance, benefit
allumer v to light, to switch on
alors adv then, so, in that case
Alors que while, when
alternance n,f alternation, changeover of power
âme n,f soul
ameliorer v to improve
aménager v to develop, to plan
amende n,f penalty
angoisse n,f anxiety
apporter v to bring
apprenti n,m apprentice, trainee
apprentissage n,m apprenticeship, training
artisan mn, craftsman
asile n,m asylum, refuge
assassinat n,m murder, assassination
assassinat v to reach, to hit
attendre to wait, to expect
s'attendre v to expect
attentat n,m attack
attente n,f expectation
attentif adj attentive, thoughtful
attirant adj attractive
attirer v to attract
augmenter v to increase
auparavant adv beforehand
auprès de prep next to, compared with
aussi adv also
aussi...que as...as
autant que, de adv as much, as many as
autrement adv differently, otherwise
avantageux adj profitable, worthwhile
avis n,m opinion
à mon avis in my opinion
être d'avis que to think
avocat n,m lawyer
Created by: Miryam