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Rutiri - Dreamwr CS3

Chapter 2 Adding Web Pages, Links and Images

The home page is normally saved as what? index.htm or index.html
A name for web page that is created and saved will always be lowercase with no spaces. True
You must manage your web site when working with Dreamweaver. True
You do not have save any folders in your managed site folder. False -- There is one folder created and it is called images.
What provides a view of the devices and folders on your computer and show how these devices and folders are organized. Files Panel
A ________ _________ is similar to a table of contents or an index in a book. home page
Graphic images used on the Web are in one of two broad categories: vector and bitmap
This file maps out or plots an image on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Bitmap
A smallest point in a graphical image. Pixel
Graphic monitors display images by dividing the display screen into thousands (or millions) of pixels, arranged in a what? Grid
What images can be saved as a transparent background? .gif or GIF
What image can be saved to create an animation? .gif or GIF
What files are the best format for photographic images because it can contain up to 16.7 million colors. .jpg or JPEG
This file is a native file to Adobe Fireworks. .png or PNG
What adds texture and interesting color to a Web page and set the overall appearance of the document. Background images
What helps you manage and organize your Web sites content. Assets panel
This shows the location of an inserted image within the HTML code. Invisible Element Marker
What adds space, in pixels, along the sides of the image. V space and H space
This type of link provides the complete URL. Absolute Link
This type of link provides for local links. Relative
This is a graphical representation of the structure of a Web site. Site Map
Dreamweaver CS3 provides three views, or ways, to look at a web page document: Design View, Split View, and Code View
Created by: eva_rutiri