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Rutiri - Dreamwr CS3

Chapter 3 Tables and Page Layout

What is the process of arranging the text, images, and other elements on the page. Page Layout
This generally located at the top of the page, can contain logos, images, or text that identifies the Web site. header
This information is content about your web site. body
This provides hyperlinks for contact information and possibly navigational controls. footer
This provides web designers with a method to add vertical and horizontal structure to a page. Tables
This is a horizontal collection of cells. Row
This is a vertical collection of cells. Column
This is when the row and the column intersect. Cell
This is the amount of space between the edge of a cell and its contents. Cell padding
It is the amount of space between cells. Cell spacing
Cells of the same size form neatly arranged columns and rows Symmetry
This commands specific width, pixels, of the line that frames the table and its various parts. Border
This provides a visual cue for positioning and resizing layers or tables. Rulers
Set the table to a certain width. Fixed
A table with the width specified as a _________ expands with the width of the window and the monitor size in which it is being viewed. Percent
A table with the width specified as _________ will remain the same size regardless of the window and monitor size. Pixels
If the _______________ property is enabled and the text will not fit within the cell, the cell and table will expand to accommodate the text. No Wrap
What do you press if you need help with Dreamweaver? F1
What is the code to add a border? place after cellspacing= "0" bordercolor= "#336633"
Can you change the border color of the table? Yes!
This is the amount of space between the edge of a cell and its content. Cell Padding
An alternative approach is to increase or decrease the number of rows or columns spanned by a cell. Splitting and Merging Cells
If you delete a cell, the content also is deleted. True!
This is information inserted into the head content area of Web pages. These tags allow you to influence the description of a page in the search engines that support the tag. Meta Tags
What is a shortkey to insert a table? CTRL+ALT+T
Right click lower or right click edge of table border and point to align on context menu to center. How can you align a table?
If you have a table that requires ______________, you can perform a simple table sort based on the contents of a single column. Click command on the menu bar and click Sort Table. Sorting
You were to asked to create what to replace your header on the home page? Animated Banner
What is the extension to save for an animated banner? .gif
What are the web safe fonts? Arial Helvetica Times Times New Roman Verdana Georgia
Black text on white a white background is easiest to read. True
________________ refers to the distance between elements on a Web page and how the elements relate to one another. These elements include text, navigation, headings, and so on. Proximity
One of the most critical principles of design is what? Alignment
How do you save an animated banner? File - export - save for legacy
What is the name of the folder you saved your CNP animated banner? Banner
What is the feature called to combine cells? Merge
Can you change the color of the background of the table? Yes, click table in status bar - properties - Bg box and select color
Can you use the eyedropper to select a color for a border? Yes!
Can you change the color for the hyperlinks to match a theme color used for a web page? Yes, select modify - properties - links.
How do you insert a background color or image to a web page? Select modify, properties, appearance and either background color or browse for background image.
Created by: eva_rutiri