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SpreadSheet Glossary

spreadsheet voacbulary

Absolute cell reference Keeping a cell reference constant when copying a formula.
AVERAGE A spreadsheet function that indicates the average of a group of numbers in a range.
Active cell The cell in which you are currently working
Argument A value needed to calculate a function. For example, the function COUNT needs cell references as the arguments:=COUNT(A2:D6).
Bar graph A type of graph that represents different quantities by using bars
Cell The point at which a column and a row intersect or meet
Cell address/cell reference The location of a cell as identified by the column letter and row number.
Circular reference Occurs when a formula in a spreadsheet refers to itself. No result is possible and a warning appears
Column Vertical sections of a spreadsheet. Identified by a letter.
COUNT A spreadsheet function that counts the number of cells in a range that contains data.
Formula Statement that performs a calculation
Formula bar The bar below the standard and formatting toolbars where data entered from the keyboard is displayed as it is entered into the cell.
Function Built-in formulas used with a range to perform calculations
IF statement A logical function (formula) that allows the user to set up a condition to test data.
Label Alphabetical text in a spreadsheet
Landscape orientation A paper orientation that is wider than it is tall.
Line graph A type of graph that shows changes in data over a period of time
MAX A spreadsheet function that indicates the highest value in a range
MIN A spreadsheet function that indicates the lowest value in a range
Operator A symbol that represents a mathematical function. Examples: greater than, less than,greater than or equal to.
Pie graph A type of graph that divides the total into the parts of a circle
Portrait orientation A paper orientation that is taller than it is wide
Range A group of cells closely related
Relative cell reference Adjusts the cell references in a formula while retaining the mathematical procesess
Row Horizontal sections of a spreadsheet. Identified by a number
Spreadsheet A row and column arrangement of data used to enter, calculate, manipulate, and analyze numbers. They are used to prepare budgets, financial statements, and inventory management. They are also used to make forecasts.
SUM A function used to add numbers in a range
Value A number entered on a spreadsheet.
What-if analysis A spreadsheet tool used to play out different situations to determine outcome.
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