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Music Business exam

Midterm Test

Total number of CD sales worldwide 200 billion
Average amount of revenue from annual CD sales? $8 billion
Mozart and Barnum both shared what commonality? both were music promoters
Cover charges first appeared... In 18th century Europe
first million-selling song was________and was released in ______ After the Ball; 1892
2 products sold that enables individual songs to be transferred throughout the country before the use of recording Piano rolls; sheet music
Very first sound film was______and was released in ____________ The Jazz Singer; 1927
LP's were invented in________ the 1940's
CDs were introduced in the year 1982
An agreement between the artist and record company that allows label to take a percentage of other revenue streams such as touring, publishing, and merchandise sales, not including audio related sales 360 deal
Type of organization that collects the money and pays the songwriter/publisher for a radio broadcast of their song? performing rights organization
How much is Spokane AFM Tavern scale for one musician for three hours? $12.00 per hour x 3 hours = $36.00
What is the source of the income called synchronization rights? Syncing audio with video
Name 2 online sources of Mortimore Productions Killer Tracks; Procom
legal license to cover a song by another artist for a fee. (Does not require artist's permission; costs $0.091 per CD duplication) Compulsary Music License
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Entertainment (IATSE) A company that is hired to set up stage equipment for live performances. 7 available positions including Audio Engineer, AV tech, Lighting Tech, Electrician, Carpenters, and Truckloader
Most important features of a good song memorable (hook), immediate appeal, Lyrics contain a theme and employ vivid imagery, well crafted and exhibits an arc (beginning, mid, end)
Cure (41) Satisfying a complaint or resolve a dispute in a contract
Default (41) failure to perform under a legal contract
Controlled composition clause (37) Language in a contract between a recording label and performer, in which the label demands to pay a reduced mechanical royalty for works owned or controlled by the recording artist.
Demos (28) demonstration recording
Exploited (31) to promote, advertise, publicize, license, sell, or advance an artist or a property
Front line (43) Melodic instruments in a band or orchestra, as opposed to the rhythm section
Hook (29) Memorable melodic phrase
leadsheet (31) Music manuscript containing a song's melody, text, or chord symbols
Mechanicals (34) Royalties paid by a record manufacturer to the owner of a music copyright; elements of graphic art are assembled for printing.
Performance royalties (33) Payment for the broadcast or performance of a writer or composer's work.
Henry Mancini's top four hits Pink Panther Theme, Peter Gunn Theme, Moon River, Days of Wine and Roses.
Tin Pan Alley (31) The business of popular music most prevalent in the 1920's in New York.
Copublishing Act of two or more entities sharing publishing income but not necessarily the publishing responsibilities.
Production blanket A means of using unlimited amounts of music in one production for a capped fee.
Assignment Contract assigned to a writer and publisher
Primary functions of Song Writers Guild of America (SGA) offers standard publishing contract, reviews member's publishing contracts for free, administers writer-publishers catalogs, audits publishers, and provides a collaboration service
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